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Today is International Romani Day. 

The Romani are a widely-dispersed ethnic group that lives mostly throughout Europe and the Americas. They face prejudice and bigotry in many nations, much of it government-sanctioned. They were one of the primary groups targeted for genocide by the Nazis

Though many Americans are unaware, the word “gypsy” is a racial slur. Dressing up “as a gypsy” is not appropriate, even in a fantasy setting or for a Renaissance fair. Using the word if you are not actually Romani is not permissible. 

[Image of a plant sprouting from a layer of dead leaves. Its flowers are highlighted in purple.]

This layer of decay
Won’t stand in my way

[ The second part of the thrilling saga with Sagittarius Demon. As usual, Gaster is fighting tooth and nail to be freed of these pesky demons. Will he finally get a happy ending? HEH. Probs not. This bit of story has more to do with how Gaster is seen from an outsider’s perspective. I hope you all enjoy the stories so far, and be prepared for the next one I’m planning. Hint: It’s got a fishy taste.  ]

[ Warnings: Blood, extreme gore, violence, body horror, foul language ]

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