Vicky:  So, Vera and I used to date.  It’s not that big a deal.

Miranda:  You know Betty from my royal court - I see her every day.  How would you feel if I told you WE used to date?

Vicky:  Well, I’d be disturbed, Miranda, because Betty is a harp seal.

Miranda:  Yes, but a harp seal who’s smart, funny and completely understands me!

The twins dating a tomboy

Written for the following request:

  • How do you think the twins would be like if they were dating a tomboy?



  • I could totally see Ethan loving the “tomboy” type, because you guys would essentially just be best friends, mixed with a little romance.
  • He’d love it, because there would be less silly games. (I feel like tomboys are a lot more straightforward than typical girls and aren’t constantly trying to play hard to get or something.)
  • He’d love connecting with you about video games and sports !! I think this would be a big one for him. 
  • You also are probably more likely to show real interest in his motorcycle, not just him on the motorcycle, and I think he’d love that too.
  • He’d love so much the fact that you totally don’t mind going somewhere crazy and getting your hands and clothes dirty.
  • He’d really appreciate the fact that you don’t take 2 hours to get ready if you’re only going down the street to the ice cream shop.
  • On the rare occasion that you would get all dressed up and cute for whatever it may be, he’d compliment you endlessly and say how beautiful you are. 
  • But even when you aren’t dressed up, and you are just your usual self, he’d never let you forget how beautiful you are to him.


  • I think this would be a little different to him, and initially he wouldn’t have an attraction. But then you’d kind of suck him into it, because obviously you’re irresponsible. It would be a little weird to begin with, but then he’d get used to you not being a girly girl and would appreciate it so so much.
  • He would love that you probably would rather go outside and do something crazy and adventurous rather than stay inside because you don’t want to sweat or you aren’t wearing the right clothes for it (because you’re probably always wearing the right clothes for it).
  • He’d love the simplicity of the relationship.
  • He’d love that you don’t expect these big gestures, but when he did them, he’d love your reactions and how big they’d make you smile. 
  • He would always, always make you feel so special. 
  • I think he would love the fact that you could bond well with his family. You could bond with all the guys about sports or whatever it may be, and Cameron doesn’t seem like the biggest girly girl, so you’d get on so well with her! I think that would mean a lot to Grayson.
  • I think essentially he’d be a lot like I explained Ethan: loving the fact that you can get ready for the day pretty quickly, not high maintenance, very relaxed, not so concerned about gossip, and just overall very chill and easy to get along and connect with
El cansancio de la información incluye también síntomas que son característicos de la depresión. La depresión es, ante todo, una enfermedad narcisista. Conduce a la depresión una relación consigo mismo exagerada y patológicamente recargada. El sujeto narcisista-depresivo percibe tan solo el eco de sí mismo. No hay significaciones sino allí donde él se reconoce a sí mismo de alguna manera. El mundo se le presenta solamente como modulaciones de sí mismo. Al final se ahoga en el propio yo, agotado y fatigado de sí mismo.
—  En el enjambre - Byung-Chul Han
La sociedad actual no es una «sociedad del amor al prójimo» en la que nos realizamos recíprocamente. Es más bien una sociedad del rendimiento, que nos aísla. El sujeto del rendimiento se explota a sí mismo, hasta que se derrumba. Y desarrolla una autoagresividad que no pocas veces desemboca en el suicidio. El sí mismo como bello proyecto se muestra como proyectil, que se dirige contra sí mismo.
—  En el enjambre - Byung-Chul Han