[MMD] Hetalia Spy - Trouble Maker (UsUk) by Levi Jones

This is how life looks like from the sky.

It’s funny because everyone knows what a life is but it’s different for everyone. For a painter it is a white canvas who is waiting to be filled with colors; for a writer it is a book who is waiting to be filled with words and for a dreamer it is a collection of wishes upon a star. For me it’s an opportunity to do something meaningful and never take anything for granted. 

Life is not always the way you lived it. To others, it may be a daily routine of picturing the sunsets and tracing up the horizon. Life for me is simply a daily dose of hope. And it’s fine if life has a tendency to fuck up sometimes, after all we wouldn’t call it a life without it. Life isn’t all about love but love is what feeds our lives. Without love in our life, there will be no poems, no paintings and no appreciation for life itself.

// A collaboration of @giulswrites and I. //

Underdark Dragons - Fungal Dragon/Dragon Fungus

|| Requested by @auzaknafein ||

A symbiotic relationship with fungus

An honorable mention to this dragon must go out, while there’s little information on it I find it to be one of the more fascinating aberrations of dragons in the Underdark. Dragon Fungus - A strange type of fungus that can established a symbiotic relationship with dragons. The dragons frequently roll in the fungus to hide their scent or simply to clean themselves and the spores burrow into the dragons’ scales and thrive. Some dragons keep themselves clean of this fungus, but others recognize its benefits and encourage its growth.

Dragon Fungus - Underdark (4e) pg 48

Combat & Abilities: Sickening Spores - The target is weakened until the end of its next turn. The cloud of spores also grants the dragon concealment until the dragon moves or until the end of its next turn. Consume Fungus - By chewing a hunk of fungus growing from its scales, the dragon can spend a healing surge/healing dice, recharge its breath weapon, and gain a bonus to attack rolls until the end of its next turn.

Sources: Underdark (4e)