anonymous asked:

20, female, 5'9, blue eyes and blonde hair, my favorite hobby is smoking and pretending i'm cool, and I would take you to a carnival and eat fried everything with you

I’ll definitely eat everything fried with you my stevie pie <3 <3 

                                  patience, i will be finding myself
                                      you thought, you t h o u g h t i figured it out
               i’m lost, more lost than i’ve ever been
                               i never knew how gσℓ∂ would ever turn to this

hithereimmichelle asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly, and send it to ten of your favorite followers! (This not negotiable) ❤️😽

Thank you hithereimmichelle for sending me this cute little message. 

Things I like about myself:

1. I am academically smart.

2. I am street smart and funny (which is important in life). 

3. I have high goals and ambitions that I am highly dedicated to. 

4. I can be very emotional. 

5. I am VERY respectful to my parents.