this is insane!!!

    I can’t believe there are 1000+ of you who bother with me!                                                                       How is this blog over a year old? How are you all here?                          

    To be very honest, I chose to rp Toph on a whim last March,                                                                   but I never would have expected it to turn out like this.                                                                               Hell, I didn’t even think I’d keep up her character for more than a                                                             few weeks, and yet here we are.     

    I’ve only been roleplaying for a little under 2 years, and have only                                                           been an indie for a few months, but in that time I’ve had the very                                                             great honor to meet some amazing people. I love you all dearly,                                                             and I couldn’t ask for a cooler group of people to rp with.

                                                                               THANK YOU ALL!

㉤ precious metals ㉤ : beautiful people who have all my love and adoration and I frickin’ swear the sun shines out their asses they’re so golden!

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 ㉤ alloys ㉤ : beautiful people who despite only having known for a short time I am already attached to and hope we can become friends!

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㉤ gems ㉤ :  beautiful people who I admire on my dash and would love to get to know!

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    ok so anyone who has been following me for some time                                                                            would know that I occasionally art. and since this is such a                                                                      huge milestone, I figured I would kick it off with a little giveaway!

㉤  Platinum (x1) = 1x drawing of their muse && promo banner && status banners

㉤  Gold (x1) = 1x drawing/ sketch dump of their muse && promo banner

㉤  Silver (x2) = 1x drawing/ sketch of their muse

㉤  Bronze (x3) = 50 100x100 icons of their muse or FC (i will look up an FC if you don’t have one)


reblog to enter the running; only one entry per blog. winners will be chosen at random.

winners MUST reblog my art rather than repost

entrants must be mutuals or at least following me

no unfollowing after this is over please, that’s not nice

winners must be willing to give me some leeway artistically, but also be communicative of what they want. preferred images, color palettes, and the like for starters…

ends on july 5th


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// Head’s up!

This weekend I’m gonna take some time to get my affairs in order, finalize plans for this semester and turn in important documents. I’m gonna be doing HW and trying to be more social and get involved with my college’s organizations, which will involve some events this weekend as well.

So basically…I’m gonna try and stay offline to keep myself focused.

Also I’m in dire need of some TLC so this little break might help.