“The gulf between them closes like a wave receding from the shore.

Hanzo moves. Three steps take him into Jesse’s room. He slides the door shut, where it locks.”

Hang the Fool by @arcanebarrage 

i like thinking about genos confessing because i like pain and inflicting pain on myself apparently 

and i can only ever picture it like… one peaceful uneventful evening, pretty much out of the blue, he’d just, look at sai, and start talking. no weeks of tense silences. just open his mouth one time and start repeating everything he told sai, or thought about. just go through it again. you saved my life that day. you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met. whatever path you choose to take, i will gladly follow without a word. and if the masses ever turned on you, I would still follow you. I would do anything for saitama sensei. all of it, you know, droning on. with a lot of pathos, because, he’s still genos. but without really expanding on it. just going through all of it like he had it neatly stored away somewhere inside himself, and maybe he did.

and it’s all stuff sai has already been told, but he can piece it all /together/ now, you know? and now if stuff really has to remain in character, i don’t think sai would really throw himself in genos’ arms. like, as far as he knows, he’s not into dudes. but sai HAS changed, he was looking for people to see even the slightest value in him and then it was like ‘oh right, there was that dude. I dont think he could genuinely see genos’ presence as anything but positive. maybe a bit annoying. so maybe he doesn’t throw himself in his arms but, there’s someone in front of him completely baring his adoration for him and I have faith in genos that it would be absolutely soul crushing. and maybe awkward. and terrifying 

and sai isnt a quick one to form attachments, and even less to label them or dwell on them. but this IS sort of what sai has been looking for… it’s not a fanclub full of girls, but it’s someone caring for him. from the bottom of his heart. maybe he himself didn’t even realize it stopped being about teaching genos how to get stronger (or maybe he did, around the time he took him out on a festival? around the time he insisted he has fun? or that he’s human? those things are not really about damage output in battle no matter how you spin it). i don’t think he would rebuff him. because the way he treated genos IS unlike himself, it seems. so I don’t think he’d say, ’…sorry’ i don’t really think he’d turn him down. I think he’d probably offer a very awkward hug. ask him not to cry again, like that one time (oil is really hard to wash off). linger a bit longer on that hug, and grasp his hand, give it a squeeze before letting go, and i think that’d count as a 'me too’

What Lance thinks Keith is thinking: “Here Lance, by buddy! My pal! Let’s cuddle! You’re shirtless? That’s okay! You stressed about your abuelita? Lets watch a cute movie and fall asleep together my guy! Gee, you look tense, Imma massage your shoulders! Like you? what? Because we made out? Oh no, my dude. That would be silly.”

What Keith is really thinking: “I am so gay. Look at this. Look at how cute he is. oml. Am I acting no-homo-y enough? God he’s so cute. Dem hips. This is so gay. I love it”