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What you should say when you meet James Bond
  • Aries: There's not enough room in this elevator for me and your ego.
  • Taurus: You're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr Bond.
  • Gemini: Please don't talk to me like I'm stupid... It's unattractive.
  • Cancer: Go and stick your head in the sand and think about your future.
  • Leo: If you could avoid killing every possible lead, it would be deeply appreciated.
  • Virgo: Oh good, here comes a train.
  • Libra: Everything he touches withers and dies.
  • Scorpio: Welcome, James. It's been a long time... and, finally, here we are. What took you so long?
  • Sagittarius: A license to kill is also a license not to kill.
  • Capricorn: 007, what the hell are you doing? Are you kidnapping me?
  • Aquarius: I have pills for everything. Some make you taller... some make you forget.
  • Pisces: Don't worry you're not my type.