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Cursed Child 4/3/17

Okay, so I have a lot to say about tonight’s performance. I literally cried all night, maybe because I’m pretty emotional right now, or maybe because the performance was just beautiful.

Right, firstly, Nicola is a wonderful Hermione. She is completely different to Noma which I love. Her scene with Paul on the stairs killed me. Their finger touches were so delicate, it was heartbreaking.

Paul broke me aswell. During the marriage renewal scene, he got down on two knees and smiled so widely at Nicola then started laughing and said ‘I can’t get up’. I’d never seen him do that before, so I burst into tears.

Sam and Cherrelle during 'Cycle Song’. So, for anyone that doesn’t know, Albus’ wand gets stuck in the floor so he then pleads with the students to help him. Rose tries and normally fails but today Cherrelle accidentally knocked it out of the hole, which meant Sam had to improvise - that being that he lost control and it got stuck again. Acting.

Anthony was very soft and quiet in Part One, which is normal after the hours they work and how much effort they put into every performance. So when he came out in Part Two with a newfound energy, I was surprised. It was like watching a completely different Anthony. But this Part Two was by far the best I’ve seen.

The library scene had me in tears. Both Sam and Anto were crying but because Anto was playing it very subtly, it was even more devastating. That monolgue means a lot to me anyway but I’ve never cried so much at it.

When Myrtle put her leg up infront of Scorpius, Anthony stared at it for about 20 seconds before giving his 'then I am entirely ready’ line.

Okay, so Part Two.

Paul gave Scorpius a hug whilst Hermione was explaining how they were going to fix time. Faves.

When Albus and Scorpius return, Anthony splashed Sam. The boys were really close tonight which was cute.

Honestly, Anthony in the boys bedroom scene was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Anthony was very bouncy and energetic.

In Godric’s Hollow, the boys high ten’d each other and held onto each other hands for a good ten seconds.

Alex was on fire tonight. He added a 'mwahaha’ at the end of the 'maybe this office will be mine soon enough’. And he gasped soooo loudly just before his 'is that a farmers market?’ Line. 🔥

Anthony was stood at the door when Draco says 'I’m mildly enjoying it’ so shouted 'DAD!’ And then pointed out of the door like he was his dad. What.

Ginny was being so motherly to Scorpius during the Godrics Hollow scene and I cried. Again.

And when the gang are fighting Delphi, Albus clung onto the back of Harry so tightly. It was stunning.

Anthony kept hitting Sam with his robes during the final staircase scene. OH GOD AND THE HUG. So, Anthony was at the bottom of the stairs and then he crept up to Sam and awkwardly hugged his waist and he was there for a good ten seconds before Sam gave his 'what’s this? I thought we didn’t hug line’. GAH.

And for the Scorose shippers, there was a hair ruffle. Cherrelle ruffled Anto’s hair, then patted it back down again.

I had a restricted stalls seat so I missed a little bit but overall it was such a stunning performance. I cried more today than I have the other times I’ve been.

Also, I met two girls in the SD queue that was sat next to me, so if that was you then come say hi!