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At first I couldn’t quite believe it when I looked into the mail earlier this week and found an envelope with British stamps and with my address written in my own hand writing on it. After a few seconds in which my brain had a blackout I realized that’s the same envelope I have enclosed with my thank you card for Jamie Parker. I have passed it to a member of security at the stage door on May 14. I didn’t expect him to reply so quickly!

Not only did he sign my Cursed Child ticket of said performance which I put into the envelope, but he also was so friendly to reply to my rambling. To save you the trouble I summerize my text. I thanked him for his marvellous performance and for “bringing Harry back to us”.  He wrote that he is glad that I thought “the show was up to scratch”. I also wrote that this show really needed a talk back/Q&A event, but that would have been “a very looong business”. To which Jamie replied: “And yes, a talk back would be good, but would probably last several days…” Don’t worry Jamie, if we’re allowed to bring food into the Palace, we can sit through several days. >:)

This is the first time so far that I sent someone “fan mail”. It was for the reason that I had never had the chance to talk to him directly since whenever I saw the show he wasn’t at the stage door afterwards. I’m glad that he indeed received and read my words of appreciation. I always like to thank the actors for their performance no matter which play it is. This case was special for me since his performance was one my favourites and he also was portraying my favourite character. And he signed the ticket of the performance of May 14. That was when I saw the original cast for the last time.
I hope to see him in future in an other play. But when he has to rush off to catch the train and skip the stage door again, I’d suggest we collect in the SD queue for his taxi, so he can stay. ;)

anonymous asked:

Do you think the Ring would have become a bigger problem if Bilbo had stayed in Erebor and married Thorin? I kinda got the impression that it stayed dormant only bc it was stuck in a box in Bag End with nothing to really catch its interest. But the spouse of a King is a much more interesting position than a Hobbit of the Shire, and even if it couldn't corrupt Dwarves, there are Men and Elves visiting often. Could that have caused it to "wake up" earlier, so to speak?

See the part of me that wallows in the dark and fucked up wants to say yes but I actually…don’t know if it really would become a bigger problem. The ring’s weakness was more due to the fact that Sauron got his ass kicked back all the way to Morder by Terrifying Eldrich Light Goddess Galadriel. He was weak so it was weak until it was getting closer to the end of that 60 years and he was getting his shit together again (hence Bilbo getting sliiightly more obsessive and crazy face. Though the fact that he was able to willingly let it go was still like…bilbo my perfect amazing cinnamon bun….)

But there’s also the fact that despite their little weakness for gold and the Dragon Sickness, dwarves were outright made to be able to resist the dark corrupting abilities of Morgoth and all his kind. The rings of the dwarf lords made them more able to be corrupted by goldlust (and I assume for PJ verse, the dragon sickness) but that was about it. So it depends on if the One Ring would have a similar effect on them, though since it wasn’t made to target the dwarves it may not?

So two options: it’s either actually a little better because Bilbo would pretty much  have everything he wants via surrounded by happy dwarves and with his schmoop king husband. Plus the ring is now surrounded by a creature made to resist it’s powers, in the hands of a fRIGGIN HOBBIT so it’s kinda useless.

Option B is it being in the mountain sends Thorin back into dragon sickness.