How to Squeeze in Studying When You Have No Time!

It’s #StudyMAYhem Day 5, and I can definitely tell the “Mayhem” descriptor is completely accurate for this month!!

I’m not sure how it happened, but I am working full time hours this week! And it’s my first week of the spring semester (aaah!). So basically I have NO time to sit down at my desk to study or do my readings. 

Instead, I spent an hour tonight after I got home from work printing off my readings from my computer and putting them in a binder to take with me. 

Here’s how I make it work:

Wake up an hour early || Use that time to do some school work, and when your alarm goes off for when you would normally wake up and get ready for school you can stop studying and switch into work mode.

Study on Transit || Bring your study cards with you whenever you travel and take that time to quiz yourself for your upcoming tests. I have little plastic cases for mine so they’re easy to throw in my bag!

Do Readings on your Lunch Break || I have an hour long lunch break tomorrow, and I plan on being anti-social and doing school work instead of chatting with coworkers. This happens probably every other week, and they understand I’m trying to balance school and work so they don’t bother me when I tell them I have something to do.

Go Over Concepts In the Shower || Instead of singing in the shower, try to explain to yourself a concept from your readings or studying you did that week!

Block Off Time on the Weekends to do School Work || I need to schedule study sessions on my days off so I don’t accidentally fill my weekend with social events and leave myself NO time to do assignments. 

Let Me Know: How do you make the most of your time & fit school work and studying into your busy schedule?

anonymous asked:

What's your ocupation ?

Right now I’m living as a minimalist and adhere to a strict budget. I sell trivial, material possessions I’ve accumulated during a period of time where I was owed significant money, and find convenient jobs that offer high pay for little work, usually two to three times a week, nothing detrimental to my focus here.

I utilize what little I have efficiently, while refining networking strategies (both online and offline) to establish financial security as a life coach providing counselling via one on one sessions and as a writer compiling the writing archived here into cohesive lessons on both e-book format and paperback. I’m also in the process of developing my youtube channel and a clothing line with dramatic, symbolic imagery and insightful messages to go along with them.

Once all of this takes off over the course of the next year, I’ll be tweaking the online site here into a community for others to contribute their own insights and creativity with “self-empowerment through critical thinking” as the foundation.

These alternative, strategic methods of maintaining income are a testament to the discipline and analytical disposition that I advocate, and is not only a convenience to my own personal sustenance, but acts as an example that derails the cynical notion that submission to the status quo is the only option.

I have never in my life undertaken something so wildly ambitious, and acclimating myself to this magnitude of responsibility has been incredibly overwhelming, but I would rather find stress in my ambition, than consent to a lifestyle of self-disgust where I perpetually mourn my lack of initiative.

Tips for Working From Home

To work from home on a regular basis, you must be well-organized, have time management skills and be a self-starter. Here are tips to make it a success:

1) Set aside a specific place exclusively for work.

2) Create a daily work schedule.

3) Network virtually.

4) Ramp up your tech skills for when you run into a technical glitch.

5) Carve out time for occasional out-of office meetings with colleagues.

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