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Heyy so I'm looking for this fic, it's like a ten thousand + word one shot where the gang is all in new New Zealand. Keith and Shiro are there to do a triathlon and I think Lance, Hunk, and Pidge work at some kind of boat rental place?? Idk i dont remember that part. I think its rated either mature or explicit. Sorry I can't give you guys any more information but if you find it thank you so much!!

Heey thank you for your detailed description! It helped a lot ^.^
- Vallie

What We Make of It by wittyy_name (1/1 | 46,327 | Mature)

Keith has been training for this for months. So despite feeling like everything else in his life is falling apart and could be summed up with a big, blaring question mark, he finds himself halfway across the world with Shiro and Allura, preparing for his first ironman triathlon. He was expecting some typical touristy activities and a grueling day of physical activity. What he wasn’t expecting was to meet a gorgeous boy with bright blue eyes and a smile that made his insides squirm.

Lance has been in a rut, unable to find the happiness that once filled his life. Everything looks gray, and he feels suffocated. And that’s how he finds himself halfway across the world, backpacking across a foreign country with his best friend, Hunk, and their new friend, Pidge. That is, until they run out of money and decide to get a job. He’s having fun, and colors are leaking past the dam and back into his life. What he wasn’t expecting was to meet a beautiful boy with dark eyes and a shy smile that broke those flood gates wide open.


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i’m on my way home to hungary from germany. i had an amazing week with the lovely @elyon-cosplay ♡ we went shopping (bought lots of hp stuff in primark♡), caught lots of pokemons and visited the connichi in kassel. the convention was amazing and we had photoshoots with amazing photographers ♡ on friday we were tomoyo and sakura from card captor sakura, on saturday we cosplayed from fantastic beasts and on sunday we had an amazing triwizard tournament group (we went to löwenburg and had an awesome photoshoot ♡). and on the second day i met the lovely lunatee who cosplayed my eternal princess sailor pluto drawing and i was sooo touched ;__; i acted like a little brat screaming and tearing up but it was sooo wonderful to see my own drawing comw to life ♡♡♡ i’ll be home tomorrow evening, take some time to have a nice rest (work on some commissions) and on saturay i’ll be off to the netherlands~ and on sunday october starts so get ready for my yuri!!! on ice inktober ♡♡♡ kisses~