So it turns out that there aren’t two of us in the office on Friday after the holiday.

There’re one and a half. My partner’s only working 8-2.

On the plus side I got my quarter bonus today (finally, after being in the red all year from my leave last year). I’m going to go scream into a trash can, and then I think I’ll buy some shoes. That usually helps.

The one twitter notification everyone hopes and prays for

Until you realize it’s a fake

This is the person I’ve been talking about. The one saying they are Jensen and trying to get money from people. This person is smart enough not to say on Twitter what it is he wants other than to have people DM him. At least that’s what he’s doing now. He hadn’t tweeted a single thing until I told him last night that I will not do what he wants me to do. I did try to tweet Jensen and Danneel about this, but I seriously doubt they’ll even see it. Anyway, if anyone sees this person (@acklesj014), please report him. Thank you.

The US Navy just showed North Korea its worst nightmare with 3 aircraft carriers and bombers in the Pacific
The US Navy just sent North Korea a clear message with three aircraft carriers and a handful of South Korean and Japanese destroyers in the Pacific.
By Alex Lockie

If you were wondering if there was a downside to putting on these shows of force besides the waste of tax dollars, well, here it is.