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The Family of Henry VII with St George and the Dragon

At left, Henry VII, with Prince Arthur behind him, then Prince Henry (later Henry VIII), and Prince Edmund, who did not survive early childhood. To the right is Elizabeth of York, with Princess Margaret, then Princess Elizabeth who didn’t survive childhood, Princess Mary, and Princess Katherine, who died shortly after her birth.

I just wanted to wish a very special 27 year old, the absolute best birthday in the entire world! Thank you for being by my side for these amazing 9 years. Life would be a lot less interesting without you in it! Thank you for the songs, the memories, the tears, and laughter. 

I’m honestly so amazed, where did the years go…? You’ve just turned 27 and in less than 3 weeks ill be 18? It feels like only yesterday you were 18, i guess time really does fly when your having fun? 

Have a lovely day sunshine… 

@taylorswift I Love you to the moon and back!