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Hey everyone, just a general update. I’m super hype to announce that I’ll be starting a new job in September (like a real one. A real adult person job not just a part time gig or a summer job. Super super excited. I may or may not have muted the phone to squeal when I got the call), in addition to continuing classes part-time to try and get my degree (it’ll be slow-going, but it’s better than nothing). I’m gonna be busy pretty much all of the time, so my activity on here will probably be even more infrequent than it already is.

But never fear! I have scheduled time this weekend to actually FINALLY come up with a queue!! (I know I’ve been saying for months that I’m gonna do it but you all know I’m lazy so even when I get free time I usually spend it not doing productive things 🙄). I’m gonna do it, and I’m gonna make sure I have plenty of good stuff on there for you guys!

So yeah! That’s my little update! If you actually read through this ramble, thank you very much for taking the time. Hope you’re all doing alright ❤️❤️ love you all!

anonymous asked:

I'm just imagining gwyn saying something along the lines of i hate what my family did to me, i feel like rubbish today and just let me sleep. i know it's probably never gonna happen but to think of gwyn saying that just gives me so much strength to deal with my own family my own demons like the love between him and or augus or gwyn and ash and you writing in general i still don't get how i can be one more bad thing away from a breakdown and i read any story of yours and i feel a bit better x

I think that’s an awesome thing to imagine. <3

And maybe it won’t happen in the canon, though maybe it will? He’s getting closer to being able to have those moments, and you imagining and more evolved Gwyn to find strength in your own awesome, strong self is a really really cool thing to do with a character. I’m glad that helps, and that’s super resourceful, I think I‘m gonna try it with my own family and my own demons. 

I don’t really know why my stuff helps with the bad things either tbh, but I know I sit here and write this stuff out because I need help with my own bad things. (Not always, but definitely sometimes, and that’s definitely where these stories started). So…yeah, I’m glad you can use them as tools to help, and I wish for lighter and more positive things in your life going into the future.

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve updated anything. I hope everybody’s been alright and taking things easy for themselves. I just wanted to come by and say that yes, fortunately things are slowly starting to get better for me and everything plus…I miss seeing everybody’s posts and reblogs on my dash skdkd yes, I miss you, tumblr lmao 🙊

This blog is still running on queue though, but I’ll be back. I won’t be neglecting this blog anytime soon so no worries cx but anyways, yeah, that’s all I’m gonna say for today. I’ll see you then!