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Just wanted to say I've never been this hyped to find a blog that portraits reaper as what he actually is instead of shipping him with every single walking thing. I'd be down to rp one day if you want, brand new on tumblr

i had been staring at this since yesterday. holy shit, my dude. you had me speechless. dhjsadhjka but omg im down, my dude. im so down.

Viewing my site on your phone

I really hate tumblr’s mobile theme and the fact that I can’t link to my pages. If I had control of my own mobile layout, I could make a responsive site, but noooooooo. (¬、¬) 

And then I found out I can totally make my site responsive, I just have to alert you all on how to bypass tumblr’s mobile layout! Which is great because this now opens me up to go crazy with my layout, a thing I really want to do.

So, first off, you need to get out of the tumblr app and look at my site directly on a browser. Copy this link: http://otome-obsessed.tumblr.com/

Chrome: On the top right, you will see three dots stacked on top of each other, this is the menu. Press and the options menu will pop up and you should see a line that says “Request desktop site.” Click the box and it’ll switch my site to desktop. 

Safari: Tap the web address. Touch the favorites area and drag down to reveal a menu. Tap “Request Desktop Site.”

I just turned that shit off. LOL I didn’t know there was an option. So, now, you just have to get out of tumblr app, if you are.

The browser will now call my site out of the mobile layout and you can look at all my links and pages! Yay! For now, flip it to landscape mode to make it a bit easier on yourself.

Like I said, I am working on a responsive layout that I hope will be awesome. Website design is what I do for a living and getting to practice on my own sites is great for me!