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Visual bondage

Can you do some visual bondage? ThankyouIloveyou

AN: This is light bondage as proper bondage with ball gags and stuff makes me uncomfortable but light bondage is ok

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I'm not really sure if this counts as a holiday request, but how about Makoto, Rin, and Sousuke's (separate) reactions to see their usually super clumsy s/o who trips over their feet actually be really really good at figure skating? Like they can do spins and jumps on ice without skipping a beat.


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The poor boy would totally freak out at first, certain that they’d slip, fall and seriously injure themselves. Watching from between his fingers, his heart would be in his mouth; they would normally trip over flat surfaces so surely they’d slip ten times as easily on ice? Right? The longer they skated, each spin and twirl more perfect than the last, Makoto became totally awestruck, completely unable to take his eyes off of them.


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For a moment, Rin had thought that his s/o must have been abducted by aliens and replaced by a clone - I mean surely this couldn’t be the same person? They were so graceful, so elegant… so unlike the clumsy person he knew and loved. He was so shocked but completely spellbound at the same time; watching her skate so beautifully, it really was a sight he’d never seen before.


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Sousuke couldn’t believe his eyes. He’s seen his s/o trip up the stairs, fall over their own feet and slip over practically thin air, so when they were twirling in mid-air, performing perfect pirouettes and doing a Biellman spin that could put Olympians to shame, he was completely shocked - no, that was a great understatement. As they glided along the ice, he watched them with a great big smile on his face that wouldn’t go away.