queue: spring break 2012


i haven’t drawn much today so heres some random pictures relevant to my week off

i’m sewing a dress to prove myself to my father so i can get access to colors other than red.

expirimenting with my straight hair. 

my dad keeps buying ungodly large hand fruit grapes and 10 inch bananas not to mention strawberries the size of my nose. 

stuff was found in the attic, other than alot of art junk the most interesting find was my mothers violin. We need new bow strings for it but it sounds fine.

and homestuck

I never told my experiences at Frankenmuth :D

For all those people who have no idea what in the flying fuck Frankenmuth is its like a tiny little…city? Idk. Theres shops, a hotel, mini golf course, restaurants (Tonys 1-75 was on lots of food shows) and the world’s largest christmas shop; Bronners c: 

Anyway. So Jonathon and his family picked me up around 730 for the drive. Me and Jonathon basically slept in the backseat the whole ride there. We got to the christmas shop at around 9. Stayed there till 1130 xD I got two little ornaments there so cute omg: 

He’s a little speckled egg birdie c: 

Also got this:

It’s a camera c:

So then, we went to the little shops that are around there and I got a cute little scarf:

Then we went to Tony’s 1-75. We were pretty excited since it was on tv and whatnot. But we got there and our waitor was rude (he didnt even tell us his name), it was extremely crowded and the food wasnt even that great :( But fun experience.
Then we went to some outlet malls and just kind of looked around c:
I had so much fun, I hope we go back soon!!

Me being a derp .-.