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Headcanon: Sam owns a ton of atrociously bright colored button up shirts that he insists are not "Hawaiian shirts" because they all have birds on them buuuuuuuut they're Hawaiian shirts and he should go to fashion jail

He wore this on a dinner date with Bucky because he’d told Sam to ‘wear something nice.’


Gold is Spark’s #1 fan pass it on!!


A lil’ forest I made using this tutorial by cookiecreation. I’m currently working on my background skills for school. So this is a piece I made by mostly directing my attention to the lighting (overlays, atmospheric perspective etc.)

Stress is taking over my brain again

Haaaaaaaay. Tapos na ang masasayang araw ko, yung araw na pachill chill lang kami. Walang iniindi kasi exempted kami sa mga test. Haaaaaaaay. Sa monday back to normal nanaman. Maghahabol niyan sa mga lessons. Nakakaloka na! Sabi nila may test sa chem and math sa monday. At hindi ko alam ang pinagaralan nila and wala paman din akong notes. Sana excuse kami. Sana lang talaga. GOD PLEASE HELP ME. PLEASE.

Omg this was the first animation I made on my school. It feels like I made it yesterday but actually it´s already a few months ago. wow. 

Also the theme of this animation was: consummation.

At that time I was still a bit obsessed with squirrels and I had a cray cray squirrel in mind. So here ya go folks. I hope you like it!