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University Admission Pro Tip:

If you get a rejection letter from a university, don’t just assume that it means you can’t get in. Contact the advisor for your admission status (freshman/transfer/graduate) and ask for details on your rejection, and have them tell you what you can do to improve your chances.

I had my transfer admission rejected last week because I didn’t have higher level calculus courses that university wanted, so I arranged to be placed into a program with lower math requirements, on the grounds that I would take my prerequisites in that program, and then move into the program I originally applied for in the next semester once they were satisfied.

Just because you’re rejected for a specific degree program doesn’t mean you can’t get into the school! You’re only evaluated for the program you select on your admission form when you apply, so sometimes you just need to talk to people and move a few things around.

I’ve been to four different universities yo. The people who run these are not gods they’re just people like us and you can usually rearrange things with staff to make your goals work, you just need to know who to talk to.

(you can also ask about scholarships after you get in, there’s usually someone who handles that who will try to help you find some extra money for your tuition)

Now go forth and get ALL THE DEGREES

what the signs will wear on the first day of school
  • dresses up really nice: LIBRA, Leo, Taurus, Cancer
  • wears pajamas: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo
  • tries to look as intimidating as possible: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Aquarius

I took French every year in school up until the 10th grade. I can’t usefully speak French, but to this day, sometimes when I’m not paying attention I end up using French syntax (e.g., adjective after the noun) when writing in English, so in practice all taking French did was make me worse at speaking English.


There are still things to do in the animation but I got tired of this exercise

So my best friend and I are cuddling on a bus ride home from a long track meet, and since we live in the middle of nowhere, Maine, it’s really cold. So she asks me what I’m doing on my phone and I’m like “reading.” And she says “oh, knowing you it’s probably pride and prejudice or war and peace. What book is it?” And I say very shyly, “camren fan fiction.” And she is like “YO I THOUGHT YOU WERE READING SOME DEEP INSIGHTFUL BOOK AND YOUR READING FIFTH HARMONY FAN FICTION.”