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when you work until after midnight to finish the presentation for your 45 minute talk because your supervisor told you today that you should change quite some things and add something but you have to go to a 4 day festival in 2 days


“I think I lost my virginity pretty late. I was a senior in high school. I mean, that’s late, right? By today, probably ancient, but I did at the Time Hotel in Times Square. That’s where I lost it. I was so freaked out. We rented out a hotel room, did it at the Time Hotel, and had a McDonald’s happy meal afterwards. I will not name her, but god bless her—she’s married now.”

Inktober day 21/22. Prompt: big/little
[gonna cheat a bit to catch up]

Lucy was tasked to explore the dark caverns and seek the whereabouts of her missing comrades. She expected trouble, but dragons are a little out of her expectations…


ive decided to take a small hiatus from tumblr for a little while. i havent felt the greatest lately so taking a little break from all this and focus on other things that i enjoy will probably be for the best! ill see you guys when i get back!

         STARTER CALL   //ACCEPTING.     @tastelcsshaze

                              there’s soft rumbles of thunder in the distance,  quiet,  but the air is chilly  &  the wind is picking up.  by the look of the clouds,  the  darkness  rising up from the east  ( he  thinks  it’s the east,  at least ),  there’d be rain pouring down on them in an  hour,  maybe a little bit  longer,   maybe sooner.  he shoves his hands into his pockets to protect them from the cool breeze,  and adjusts the bag on his shoulders by hopping just a little bit.   then,  he speaks up,   yawning  & shrugging.      ❛    storm’s comin’,   huh ??  should probably get under somethin’.    ❜