queue: pet problems

For those of you who have pets, I just wanna caution you that giving them treats to distract them from the noise is not gonna work: animals don’t eat when they are stressed. The best thing to do is create a small, dark enclosed space that they can wiggle into because that’s their most basic instinct. Stay near them and get down on their level to let them know they’re not alone. Put a blanket over them if need be, seriously it helps a lot more then just petting and giving treats.

Also keep plenty of water handy. They get dehydrated quickly.

Ideas on how to keep cat from picking at this cupboard during the night? Putting a half full gallon of water in front of the two doors has worked so far, but it is directly in front of the sink and makes kitchen-ing hard.

The makeshift clamps on now prevent full opening, but she is still able to paw at the bottom and make terrible clunking noises in the night as the cupboard opens a little then slams shut.

Pet rant ahead, Puking Cat

Cat has a habit of puking daily, sometimes multiple times a day.

So this morning I let her in and I know immediately that she’ll want to eat because she starts screaming at me and I think no I’m not going to feed you until I’m about ready to leave for work.

So I walk into another room close the door so she can’t bug me and I’m enjoying my breakfast, and lo and behold I hear her puking noise.
There was no food in the bowl.

Like?????????? Are you FUCKING???????SERIOUS?????????RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?!

I don’t even know why she does it
I’ve tried everything I’ve tried switching foods multiple times, I’ve tried feeding her little bits throughout the day, I’ve tried the hunting method, I’ve tried raising up the food bowl (bc of how cats stomach and stuff aligns, it could slap back and cause them to puke)

And I’ve tried a combination of all of the above.

So more or less I think she’s just puking so she can eat more or just to be spiteful.

I really don’t know but between this and pissing on my clothing, I’ve had this cat for 2 years and I love her dearly but I am really really close to giving her away.
Either that or making her a purely outside cat, though that seems cruel seeing as how since I’ve gotten her she’s been an outdoor/ indoor cat.