queue: off for exam!

nothingcanbreakthemapart  asked:

Hi ! I suggest Brooklyn Nine Nine for the drawing your favorite pairing from a show meme !! And all the luck for your exams ;)

Thank you!! And I adore these two <3

and wow, first time drawing characters is always difficult ;-;

different paths can be crossed every day.
maybe you’ll find the right person
but fate can separate even the most beloved
the important thing is that no matter the rocks or mountains
and this enormous distance, if you believe in your love
you two can be together. still loving each other.


Hello friends! I’ve been suspiciously absent from tumblr over the last couple of months (sorry!), but all that will be over the next couple of weeks! 

4 more exams to go, and I will finally be done with my undergrad degree. Meaning I will be free to read ~all of the things~ (you have no idea how much I miss reading for pleasure)

I’m expecting I will be churning out a bunch of content over December to deal with the stress of waiting for my results and uni offers for next year.  So I guess I’ll see you all on the other side!