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“I actually love auditioning, which makes the process exciting for me.” While she’s open to all sorts of opportunities, she’s anxious to play a character she doesn’t easily relate to in an effort to challenge herself. “A role that I really have to dive in and study,” she specifices. While she’s truly enjoyed the opportunity to grow with Davina over three years, she’s excited to get to know a new, different character - either in film or television.” - Danielle Campbell for NKD Magazine

Side By Side - a daemon Academy AU

Rating: Mature                 Chapters: 12.5 / 20
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons
Additional Tags: Academy Era, Alternate Universe - Daemons, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, POV Jemma Simmons, Daemon Touching, Light Angst, Pining, Slow Burn, Best Friends, FluffSharing a BedBullyingMisunderstandings 

Summary: When Jemma Simmons and her lion daemon arrive at SHIELD Academy, they don’t really find anyone that interesting - except, that is, for Leopold Fitz.

[A/N: This is a chapter I’ve inserted earlier in the fic, because I wanted to depict Jemma finding out about Fitz’s dad.]

From this inserted chapter 12.5:

Although her mum and Altair had left the house early to spend the day with friends, Jemma’s dad had decided to treat her and Fitz to pancakes, much to Jemma’s excitement and his shyly enthusiastic thanks. As the three humans ate, the dæmons lounged beneath the table, Caedmon occasionally popping his head out to sneak a bit of pancake or sausage from Jemma’s fork.

At the end of the meal, though, her dad reached for the teapot at the same time that Fitz went for the syrup jug, sending the latter crashing to the floor in a dozen pieces.

“I’m sorry,” Fitz stammered, sliding to his knees on the floor and ducking as Jemma’s dad stood to get paper towels. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I’ll get another –”

Her father barked out a laugh, striding back from the kitchen and handing down a couple wetted sheets along with the paper roll to him. “That,” Jemma’s dad said, giving her a knowing smile, “was a present from Jemma’s great aunt Rosemary. Dear woman, terrible taste in dishes. This is much better than having Kaiya accidentally knock it out of the dishwasher.”

On his knees, Fitz stared up at her dad, eyes abnormally wide and ears tinted pink. “Oh,” he muttered, shoulders relaxing.

Read chapter 12.5 here.

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