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YEY! David and I were approved for the two bedroom apartment so now I’ll have space to actually do my business. ❤️ I’m a little nervous because of the price increase but such is life - we move the ninth of June! It’s like a birthday present!🌻🍻

Author is Moving, Help Out

I’m moving into a new place this weekend, so if you want to buy a book for yourself, a friend, a loved one, a co-worker, your dog, someone you hate, or the girl from the village you are keeping in your castle in exchange for her father’s life you really want to impress with your library to break the curse which has turned you into a monstrous beast, please buy a book.Every sale helps!


New Video! After 5 years it’s time to leave.. We’re Moving Out! 

Goodbye mice, danger and disturbing noises.

that moment when your fan base thinks you and your best friend are dating, you move the second you get home from Australia and everyone thinks it’s because you’re dating but it’s really just you really love sleep and you can’t sleep where you used to live, and it’s all a bit too much #justgirlythings

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Can you do gifs of a Ravenclaw procrastinating about packing to move and then getting super frantic as they're having to rush to pack everything? (My current life situation. I'm so overwhelmed and need some humor to keep from crying. Why do I always do this to myself? 😂😩)

The appropriate time to pack:

0.2 seconds before we’re supposed to be leaving:

this photo was taken on the mt. galbraith trail in golden – our first hike together in colorado. it was our third visit, my first out there. it seems an appropriate throwback to help me share that come august, denver, colorado will be my new home! 

as my friend jenn said to me recently, change is the only constant. how right she is. i’ve navigated plenty of change over the last few years, some good, some bad, some neither. but this one – a new habitat – has deep roots and has been a long time coming. inklings of restlessness and a desire for new challenges and a different life landscape began to surface years ago. in fact, among other ideas being thrown around, i was considering a potential job opportunity in boulder around this time in 2014. then life got strange. i’d be lying if i said the idea of leaving and starting over didn’t enter my mind during that time and feel appealing. but i knew escaping wasn’t the answer, my support system was here, and that when i did eventually make such a change, i wanted it to be on my terms and for the right reasons.

last spring, i let those thoughts return. i wrote about it a lot – how i was ready for something different and feeling confident that i was in a place where decisions were truly mine, not reactionary. there are many journal entries turning the whole thing over. reflecting on the positives of my life here [family, friends, work i care about, mountains, beach] and seeing that while i was ready, i would still need a strong reason to go.

late last summer, i met john in an airport and it wasn’t long before the relationship we were unexpectedly building became a strong reason to go. the straw, the catalyst…whatever you want to call it, it was clear.

though he was very willing to move to north carolina, given all of the above, a move to colorado was what i wanted more. and so i am doing it! i started putting the wheels in motion soon after returning from thailand and pieces are beginning to fall into place.

many details are up in the air, but the rough plan is to take some time off after wrapping up here to be with my family and move my self + stuff to denver [with john as co-pilot]. then we hope to take a road trip to camp + backpack out west before i settle into a new city.

i wish i could adequately express how overjoyed i am to be opening this new door, both for myself as an individual and for us. i have been craving this challenge, unfamiliarity, and fresh perspective for a long time. i’m glad i’ve put in the work to strengthen myself and culled the patience not to jump before the time was right. as for us, i am constantly in awe of how this relationship has brightened my life. and i’m thrilled that we can soon be fully present for it all the time and continue to grow.

and just think of the mountain adventures!

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Are there any fics you guys have collected about d&p moving yet? (No rush as the video announcement like JUST came out) :D

A Little Piece of Home

Until Dan and Phil can make the new place theirs, its still different and unfamiliar. For now, they’ll just have to be each other’s little piece of home.

and i have built a home (for you, for me)

Dan and Phil share one last moment in their apartment before the big move.

Moving Out

After five years of living in their London apartment, it’s finally time to move out and start making new memories in a different place.

Never Left Home

Dan and Phil are finally moving to a new place.
They love it. It was love at first sight.
But even so, on their very first night, it’s not quite home yet.

where the years went i can’t say

There are more on ao3 but here’s a few fics!

- Tori

New Moon

Summary: Dan has been setting up the master suite in the new apartment, and he finally allows Phil to see their new room.

Excerpt: Dan had said the room would look like the moon. Now Phil knew what he meant, and it was beautiful. At the centre of the room was an enormous bed, so big that it seemed that the two of them could get lost in it. The white frame was balanced in such a way that it seemed to float, with no visible support at the foot or sides.

Genre: fluff, drabble

Word count: 934

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