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“My mom and the people around me are the ones that help me and keep my feet on the ground. I know that I’m a professional football player and that gives me a certain notoriety and status, but I want to keep being myself. Outside of the pitch I have no need to show that I’m a footballer. This is my job, but when I go out on the street I’m a person like any other.”

Happy 24th birthday Samuel Yves Umtiti! [14 November 1993]


……the King went up to the Queen’s bed, and said to her, “Madame, you have fulfilled my wishes and those of France: you are the mother of a Dauphin.” The King’s joy was boundless; tears streamed from his eyes; he gave his hand to every one present; and his happiness carried away his habitual reserve. Cheerful and affable, he was incessantly taking occasion to introduce the words, “my son,” or “the Dauphin.”

Memoirs of Marie Antoinette - Madame Campan

Harleen: So let’s start by talking about the emotions you’re feeling right now.

Joker: Stabbing. 

Harleen: Stabbing… isn’t really an emotion, it’s more of an… activity. Which I hope you don’t do to me. See, an emotion is more of a feeling. 

 Joker: Well maybe I feel stabby