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With the exception of the Count d'Artois, whose portrait I never did, I successively painted the whole royal family—the royal children; Monsieur, the King’s brother, afterward Louis XVIII.; Madame Royale; the Countess d'Artois; Madame Elisabeth. The features of this last-named Princess were not regular, but her face expressed gentle affability, and the freshness of her complexion was remarkable; altogether, she had the charm of a pretty shepherdess. She was an angel of goodness. Many a time have I been a witness to her deeds of charity on behalf of the poor. All the virtues were in her heart: she was indulgent, modest, compassionate, devoted. In the Revolution she displayed heroic courage; she was seen going forward to meet the cannibals who had come to murder the Queen, saying, “They will mistake me for her!”

Memoirs of Madame Vigée Lebrun

I am so large, even I myself believe I may produce twins. In fact, they have prepared two blue ribbons representing the Order of Saint-Esprit should I give birth to two princes. My size has caused my husband to address me, with gentle humour, as his “Balloon.” It is still dark on Easter Sunday when my labour begins.
—  Abundance, A Novel of Marie Antoinette - Sena Jeter Naslund