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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, etc. and write down the first 20 songs.
Here are the rules:
No skipping!
Be honest!
Then pass this on to 10 people! (and also feel 10 years old again! fun fun)
Tagged by my spider killer aka actuallaurahollis :p
1. Hell and back - Tonight Alive
2. Forever - Paparoach
3. Tennis court - Lorde
4. Wastelands - Linkin Park
5. Shake it off - Taylor swift
6. Chandelier - Sia
7. In my city - Ellie Goulding
8. You ( ha ha ha) - Charli xcx
9. Fear and loathing - Marina and the diamonds
10. Watching you - Natalia Kills

I should tag but omg IDK. As usual do it if ya wanna lmao

Actually conversation between my mom and I
  • Me: *sees Rob Lowe on tv* I think I've realized that the list of middle aged men I find attractive is much longer than the list of young men I find attractive
  • Mama B: oh is that so...?
  • Me: yeah like, David Duchovny, Anderson Cooper, Rob Lowe, Kyle Maclachlan...
  • Mama B: don't forget the hot yogurt guy
  • Me: yup mom John Stamos too.