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I do really appreciate that despite my really lagging schedule when the comes to the story there is still somehow interest in it.

And I do plan to finish it, but school. 
I’m theoretically on my last days of school ever.  Semester projects, normal school projects and potential client work has simply left me an overworked mess running on coffee and pure stubbornness.

When this stretch is over I will sleep for a week, then I’ll build my queue up, and then and finally then I’ll get working on some sweet sweet story updates. 

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Bokuto, Daichi, Noya and Kuroo comforting their S/O after they had a dumb fight. Like their S/O commented on how they were constantly overworking themselves trying to balance volleyball, school, and a social life. And the boys kind of exploded due to lack of sleep or something. (I feel like I'm spamming your blog but you're really good so I kinda don't care, unless you care)

(It’s totally okay! Actually I prefer to have a lot of requests in my inbox because I need to stock up my queue so my blog is active during my school year, so go ahead and keep sending requests. It’s a big complement honestly and I’m glad you like my writing!)

Daichi Sawamura; He wasn’t one to loose his temper for no reason, but as things got hectic for him he found himself loosing sleep and becoming more irritable. Daichi wasn’t the most romantic guy around, so all he could think of doing to apologize was to talk to you and explain himself up front after you had both cooled down. He knew that you were only worried for him, so in the end he felt pretty guilty and promised you he would try to rest up a bit more.

Yuu Nishinoya; Of course he regretted what he said as soon as it came out of his mouth and he watched you flinch back at his volume. There wasn’t much of a fight at all as the libero got up after you in attempt to make up for his tone. He found you a little further away, running a hand through your hair in an upset sort of way and set a hand on your shoulder. When you turned to him, he stumbled over his words for a few moments before gently tugging your hand while he apologized.

Tetsurou Kuroo; So maybe it wasn’t smart that he just let the fight drag on for longer than it needed to because he needed to vent a bit, but in the end it was okay, as you both wore yourselves out in a yelling match over virtually nothing. The two of you hand ended up in the kitchen, him leaning against the counter and you at the table with your chin in hand, the silence tense. In attempt to make it better he would probably crack a joke at his expense and send a hesitant grin your way before becoming more serious and trying to make up. 

Koutarou Bokuto; Koutarou is definitely the type to do something like this, and then beat himself up for it afterwards. Actually, you might end up being the one to talk to him after the fight because he would probably be a little down in the dumps about blowing up and fighting on top of all the stress he was feeling already. He might latch onto you and apologize a lot, explaining himself and then thanking you afterwards. Upon you forgiving him, he would probably act like it never happened and feel a lot less stressed out.

Couldn’t sleep but finally managed to draw something.

Almost fell off my chair laughing at most of the quotes in his IMDB-page. Not many were mood-appropriate, and somehow that made me happy.

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"I'm done with crying myself to sleep every night"


Angsty Starters

“Good. You should be.” Isaac stated, looking at the ground. They were standing in the empty middle of the school hallway, all the other students having left to go home already. “I’m happy for you, Lexi.” And he was. Isaac just wished things between them had ended differently.