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I have returned!

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Yes yes yes yes I am back and full force y’all.  I had my last exam yesterday (THANK THE LORD) and am now a free woman (who still needs to find a summer job and do a lot of adulting but it’s better than studying okay?).

If you didn’t know I took a small week-long hiatus from tumblr, which basically means I logged out of tumblr on both my phone and computer, the only access I had to tumblr was through e-mail.  So I could see mentions, replies, asks and new followers. 

I have a lot of things planned for you guys and this blog.  I plan to organize a whole bunch of crap.  Like I literally need to organize so much.  I have a bunch of fics on the go, and I have my 800 follower drabbles starting on May 1st. 

SO keep your eyes out for a bunch of things and I am back and will now be responding to things promptly and trying to catch up on things so if you sent me something and I missed it let me knowww. 

Below are my thoughts on my semi-hiatus as it was kind of a weird experience if you care to read, but don’t feel obliged. :)

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