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Better Latte than Never

it’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE 21ST OF SEPTEMBER IS FINALLY HERE, and that means a fic!!! have a destiel coffee shop AU on me. <3

“What are you having?” Castiel asked with a smile, and Dean’s stomach flipped.

“Um. Regular latte,” he managed to say, and smiled.

“Regular latte,” Castiel repeated. “Coming right up.” He turned away, and began to prepare Dean’s drink, tanned hands picking up a plain white cup which he spun into position onto the coffee machine, glancing up to see whether Dean had noticed. Dean smiled, hoping it came across as ‘impressed’ and not ‘totally smitten’.

Shifting his weight from one foot to the other behind the cafe counter, Dean waited for his latte to be ready. He preferred espresso, if he was honest - but lattes took longer to drink, and just recently, Dean had found himself becoming a professional in the niche field of ‘reasons to take a long time over drinking a coffee in a small cafe’. He’d never even liked coffee that much - it had always been more of a necessary evil, utilized when he’d pushed his sleeping schedule beyond the reasonable limit - but that was something that he’d conveniently forgotten, just recently.

In fact, he could date this very specific amnesia to the exact moment that he’d walked through the door of this tiny cafe, tired in the middle of a long day at work and gasping for something to drink on his lunch break. That had been the first time he’d come, but there had been a second time, and a third… and now it was almost a whole month later, and Dean was still coming in every day.

He wished he could say that it was the coffee at Better Latte Than Never that kept him coming back. The coffee was good – or at least, Dean thought it was, though he was no expert - he hadn’t exactly sampled a whole lot of different brands. In fact, recently, he hadn’t even bothered buying his usual packet of filter coffee when he went grocery shopping. He spent so much time in Better Latte Than Never that he was starting to genuinely worry about the effects of overcaffeination.

After all, maybe those effects included giddiness, and butterflies in his stomach, and a heart rate through the roof, all of which Dean had been experiencing on a daily basis - but if he was honest, Dean didn’t think he could blame the coffee so much as the maker of the coffee for the symptoms.

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Scrubs 6x06: My Musical

You’re going to be okay. That’s what’s going to happen. Everything’s okay. We’re right here beside you. We won’t let you slip away. Plan for tomorrow, ‘cause we swear to you, you’re going to be okay.

worst harry potter fan theories

-the dursleys were good people who treated harry badly because he was a horcrux

-ginny tricked harry (!!) into loving her using a love potion (!!!!!)

-james asked lily out every day for years before she was forced (?!!) to give in

-there’s nothing wrong with slytherin house or its original ideals

-sirius black died at the end of the 5th book

-ron being Secretly Evil And Maybe Even A Death Eater

-this isn’t even a fan theory but. the aaron johnson/karen gillan/andrew garfield/whoever else marauders fancast 


Olicity meme ➳ heartbreaking scenes (1/6)

“Why her? I mean, besides the obvious leggy model reason." 
"It just kind of happened. It didn’t mean anything.”



The Beijing Institute is known to be the most protected Institutes in Nephilim history , and is a fortress where no demon or even Downworlder can ever dream to attack. Located at the Northern Gate of the Forbidden City, at the heart of Beijing, the Institute is hidden under the guise of an abandoned pavilion when in fact it is a masterpiece built under the influence of  Imperial architecture, with yellow tiles covering the roofs and the surfaces painted in red and black as is the way of tradition. Unlike others, this particular Institute reaches through the underground of the city, spreading from the centre to the outer regions, and each passage is filled with rooms crammed with history and knowledge, as well as a room constantly exploding with fireworks - a gift from the proclaimed Magnus Bane during one of his visits. 
Many Shadowhunters face Downworlders which differ from the Western world, facing spirits such as “Ba jiao gui,” due to the high spiritual energy that surrounds the land and so those who wish to live in Beijing take extra lessons in the spirits they may face and how to help them move on to the other side, work which primarily occurs during the Ghost festival. Those who visit the Institute are known to be greeted by the Simian Chinese Monkey, Meelo,  who is known to be more of a resident than pet, and often welcomes everyone through the door with a loud shrill yelp of excitement. However, the SImian is not the only spiritual being to be present and many Shadowhunters are often greeted with  creatures of folklore who aid them when dealing with demons which attempt to terrorise the city, however a dragon is yet to be seen - though one would certainly be handy when dealing with the various Downworlders who spend their time and money in the infamous “Propaganda” club or the chasing various humanoid beings that lurk in underpasses. 


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Built on the remnants of the Church of all Hallows, the London Institute is hidden on the ever-lively Fleet street under the glamour of an abandoned church, left standing after discussion with both the Monarchy and Government naming the site a historical landmark. Underneath the glamour, the institute stands as a Gothic castle looking over the lights of London, filled with tapestries covered in stars and the rising of the Angel Raziel, home to some of the oldest weaponry in Nephilim history and the largest library filled with endless literature to distract any shadowhunter from the call of London or the Fleet Street Temple Bar only a few minutes away. Many Shadowhunters flock to the institute to get a taste of life in London, with many spending their time training in Hyde Park or taking in the culture with walks through Carnaby Street, visiting the many museums and galleries or partaking in the opera before spending endless hours of the night in SoHo, dancing with the locals and the Downworlders until daylight. Shadowhunters opt for the use of the underground to make their way around the city, at terms with the Downworlders who reside in the tunnel, and the Enclave has taken to placing note-worthy news on the screens of Picadilly, hidden under the guise of various advertisements. Various Shadowhunters have noted the rise in fae activity in Windsor, where rumours of fairy circles and channellings are becoming common gossip. Those who visit the Institute itself, namely members of the Enclave who meet in the study, often leave gifts for the unnamed spirit who guards the Herondales who reside within, leaving items such as dolls, jewellery and even sheets of music as a thank you after the warning she had given before the Sebastian Morgenstern attack in 2007. 


Couldn’t sleep but finally managed to draw something.

Almost fell off my chair laughing at most of the quotes in his IMDB-page. Not many were mood-appropriate, and somehow that made me happy.


Rumplestiltskin appreciation week→ Day 7: Then and now