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Part 15 - SFW


How she got stuck carrying all of the boxes in while Hannah is inside unpacking feathers or pillows or something, Grace will never know. But here she is, with another box, and Hannah is…where is Hannah?

Hannah?” Grace waits, adjusting the newest box on her hip. She hears undeniable clanging of aerosol cans against the bathroom tiles and sighs, struggling inside just far enough to drop another box onto an arm chair with a grunt.

“Grace? Woah-wo-ugh!”

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himuro would never kill somebody and have murasakibara throw the corpse in the river, how dare you even consider something as awful as that. shame, lots of shame on you all

What if people started naming their kids after ship names?


VIKINGS MEME: [½] Battles → Mercenary

The forces on the right bank are much smaller than those on the left. And as far as I can see, there is no bridge. There is no way the two armies can easily re-join. We attack your uncle. Now stay out of our way. Sound the horn.

isshin = orihime

Ichigo in canon is romantically uninterested in Ori. Despite already acknowledging her kindness, her talents and reassuring her that being considerate of others is a good trait, he hasn’t fallen in love and is still not falling in love with all her supposedly glaring, ‘positive’ qualities. If he couldn’t fall in love with her positive qualities, how is he going to ever fall in love with her? Oh I know. Because of her boobs, right? LOL.

Hilarious. Delusional batshits think Ori’s chance to be with Ichigo has increased because of her 'likeness’ with his mother. From what I’ve seen of the posted panels and pages of comparisons in last chapter, people automatically link Orihime to Masaki. OK SO WHY DIDN’T THEY USE ORIHIME’S DOUGHNUT AND HOTDOG PIC?!

And they ignore the many other characters who have acted in a similar fashion.

Isshin acts like an idiot 99% of the time - so, is he Orihime now?

The stupids are so obsessed with Orihime that everyone must be LIKE their princess. So many fucking characters in Bleach put up a huge front to hide their anxieties, your precious Orihime is just one of many. She is not a bloody prototype.