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little gift for @fallen-determination​ it their birthday today! |ω・`˵)◞

I hope you having a great day today! 
Thank you Ras for being such a nice friend even tho i shy to talk to you I enjoy your presence so much! you fun to talk with >w</ please stay the way you are! you’re a great and amazing artist X3c  //flee

@siiriusblxck cont’d from here.

contrary to popular opinion, mary happened to enjoy history of magic. of course, professor binns made it rather hard to concentrate sometimes, so she did a lot of learning on her own rather than in class, but she enjoyed the subject nonetheless. as a muggleborn, it was an opportunity to actually learn about what it meant to be a witch.

when sirius’ head started to droop, she took notice from the corner of her eye. instinctively, her hand reached over to brush through his hair. she shook her head in disapproval at his comment, trying to surpress the amused grin pulling at her lips. “honestly, black,” she whispered to him. “not getting enough sleep?”