queue: i'm in japan

  • okay but did you notice how when their tour guides were being stopped in the streets Dan did not say "oh yeah he's really popular here" or "he's the king of YouTube here", he said "he's the AmazingPhil of YouTube here" which just shows how much Dan still admires and fans over Phil just like so long ago.

Get To Know Me | 5 Favourite Male Characters

↳ Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 (2014)

“Trust me, I know about robotics. We can be way more.”


there was a program on today during dinner

where the subject (?) was uhm

how to say…

gay men/trans*women actors/personalities/&c.

where they talked about their first loves (middle/high school)

and talked a bit with the men they loved in their youth

I mean I guess everyone had a choice in showing up and all the guys did except the one haruna ai (famous trans* singer/actress?? in japan) liked (which surprised me because she’s so popular now?!)

idk I hope it was more than ~*entertainment*~ for people

it was interesting though. I think the second part of the episode might come on tomorrow but it also might come on next week ;c; I don’t know the programming schedules yet!!

today I met a korean guy in my japanese speaking class

because we were sitting next to each other and had to do introductions

he asked what my hobbies were

I said listening to music

I mentioned k-pop of course because why not

he asked who

I said

epik high and

super junior

he asked my favourite member

covering my face I said kyuhyun

he said he liked taeyeon in SNSD

I said I liked sunny and he said she’s cute

the end