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Hey! I read your answer on blackice AU's and got ridiculously excited about the HDM AU, despite the fact you said you won't be able to write it (which is absolutely understandable). Did you ever consider what daemons they would have? Or for Gwyn and Augus, since they're more your drift? Off the cuff, a Wandering Albatross for Jack seems fitting but the great things about daemons is that everyone has a different interpretation and they're all fascinating. Long live the daemon AUs!

(I am sorry I will not be able to write it! If I had more hands and like another life I would so have written it by now, lol).

As for daemons, I didn’t fix anything down in terms of like ‘they would absolutely have this.’ Though I landed on an Arctic fox for Jack (I do like the idea of the Wandering Albatross though - I can definitely see how symbolism would play in well for Jack). But I didn’t want a bird for Jack, I sort of liked the idea of the Arctic fox as they’re mischievous and playful, but also determined and cunning. They can be shy (ridiculously so) but also bold when necessary. And since I didn’t really associate Jack with the sea, I sort of ruled out seabirds and sea-based animals.

I also like that Arctic foxes go from their brown summer coat, to their white winter coat, and it reminded me of the transformation Jack would have gone to as like ‘regular child of a witch’ to ‘actual rare male witch with ice powers.’ I feel like that transformation would have been the moment his Daemon probably settled into its final form, as well.

I imagined the Nightmare King with a melanistic wild cat of some kind, like a Jaguar and Pitch as having a black horse, but I was never fully decided on that. I did want some kind of ‘service’ animal though, as per the His Dark Materials worldbuilding.

Never got all that far with North’s Daemon (though I did see him as Gyptian), or Toothiana’s (noblewoman and lecturer on the role that memories have in magic, particularly ancestral magic), Bunnymund’s (alethiometer specialist but still not very good at reading them) or Sandy’s (no idea).

As for Gwyn and Augus, they wouldn’t have been in the AU at all! So I never really considered it. But if I were to clumsily shove them into the HDM world and think about it now… Hmm. Oh, Gwyn would have to be a Stag, for sure. Something that can’t hide in his clothing even as he would have desperately wished for something small lol. Ash would probably have an Otter. Augus is tough, I don’t actually think he’d have a horse at all? Augus is always tough with this stuff, tbh, I think he keeps his secrets on purpose and then gets amused when other people try to guess, so he can go ‘wrong,’ ‘oh, no, wrong again I’m afraid.’

Like give me a few months and I’m still not entirely sure I’ll have landed on it. Augus is kind of a little shit that way. I’m fairly certain not a reptile. And I don’t think a cat (though maybe something cat like). Possibly something in the Mustelidae family? But no, I’ll not guess, because I don’t need Augus’ amused voice in my head going: ‘oh no, wrong again, do keep trying though.’ Lol.


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