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i know this week (mainly thursday, let’s be fair) will tear our shipper hearts to shreds, but just think of this, think of all of the beautiful quotes and scenes we will get. we’ve only seen a clip of one and the fandom nearly went into full on meltdown. i say bring on the beauty. i’m ready.

Real Tips For Surviving Finals:

-pace your studying. Cramming will just make things worse.
-make an outlines for papers and projects. Follow it.
-take frequent breaks.
-drink lots of water. LOTS OF WATER.
-Do something you love to take your mind off of your exams
-Remember that one exam does not decide your entire life. A failure isn’t the end of the world. You’ve studied your material. You know what you’re talking about. You’ll be just fine.

Attention all students! 

Next week is busy for all teachers and students at North Shore! It’s that time of the year when things really start to heat up in the classroom, through the halls, on the field, and around the town. A lot of students refer to this as “Hell Week” because, along with the students having their hands full with exams and papers, the following activities are being held-

Art Geeks:

The Spring play is quickly approaching! The critically acclaimed musical Rent has been selected for this years play. Ms. Powers will be holding auditions on Monday for those wanting to try out, and on Tuesday she will be posting the list of those casted on the schools bulletin board! This year, it is rumored that Beth Kingsley, a recruiter from Juilliard, will be attending opening night for new talent. Although this is a shot for Seniors to get an offer on scholarships and the chance to snag a full ride to Juilliard, all grade levels should feel the pressure, since all will be listed on the playbill and Mrs. Kingsley is rumored to put in a good word for all ages if she spots talent. Band, the drama department, the art department, and everyone in between will be busy auditioning, running scripts, making the soundtrack, creating the props, making sets, picking the music, and getting every detail just right. Hope your creative juices are flowing! 


Science fair is both a dream and nightmare for the Brains.. but more of a nightmare when Mr. Levay is in charge of running things. For those of you science lovers wanting to enter into North Shore’s 15th Annual Science Fair, Mr. Levay will be making an announcement Monday with final details. Your character would have known about this event and probably has been preparing for weeks, even months. The time is finally here! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be for intense run-throughs in the gym with Mr. Levay, Friday is the date for the fair being held at 7pm, Levay has reached out to the National Science Foundation for this year’s judging staff, and Mr. Levay wants to look good. You’ll want to put up with his craziness, why? The winner gets 800 dollars and the chance to put this highly respected honor on their resume. Big names in the science and math field will be making an appearance, along with college recruiters. 


Most students call this Hell Week, but to the Burnouts, this is truly hell week. Starting on Monday, the Burnouts will be pulled aside one by one by Mr. Okonma  to take a drug test, and their high school transcripts are dissected to see if they are bringing the school’s funding down. It is said to be a random selection process, and the teachers call it “Caring Week”, but it is always the Burnouts who are picked, searched, and lectured. Although the Burnouts are unsure if they will be selected, they are all trying to drink water and detox, cleaning out their lockers, and getting any help from those students with a great record so they can get their own act together. Why the quick scramble to do all of this? If Mr. Okonma decides they are using illegal substances and/or not holding themselves afloat, they can be arrested (if found with drugs) and/or expelled if they are bringing the schools funding down. Is the principal technically allowed to expel someone for making the school look bad? Absolutely not. But it’s still done. And who would believe a Burnout over a highly respected principal? Straighten up, stoners, Mr. Okonma doesn’t take his job lightly.


The Charlies are so overlooked that even the teachers know it. Ms. Graysen thinks that this is the perfect time to get those who are in the shadows to step out into the limelight and out of their comfort zones. With careful consideration, Ms. Graysen has selected the ideal person to have each Charlie paired up with for the week. This means they are excused from class to sit in with their selected match, be walking the halls with them, spending time after school with them, and bonding way too much for anyone’s comfort. Each Charlie that is paired up with someone is given a video camera, a journal, and asked to turn in both with their experience recorded at the end of the school day that Friday.


North Shore’s annual Charity Fashion Show is talked about all across Illinois. For years, news has traveled far and wide about the jaw dropping and even questionable historic outfits put together by North Shore’s most trendy. Mr. Mendoza has once again come scrambling to the Hipsters of the school, but this year, there has been a miscommunication and the Hipsters are being asked to go a step further. The up-and-coming models, usually booked six months in advanced, have broken the contract to take up a better deal in Paris, and are no longer able to attend. Mendoza is livid, he doesn’t just hire anyone. Plus, he has just secretly lost North Shore a boat-load of money on the models who flaked, that they now have to make back at a later date. Mr. Mendoza has reached out to the Hipsters, asking them now not only to design, create, and pull together outfits from different designers, they are asked to find sponsors, sell tickets, and model the clothing in front of a sea of talent scouts, family, friends, news crew, magazines, and companies who are attending to donate to the charity of each Hipsters’ choice. 


It’s finally here! The rivalry between North Shore and South Side High is iconically historic. Schools often have a rival, but not many schools take it as far as these two schools. With all sports having huge games on Friday, practice will be insane and inhumane, every jock is on a strict schedule on the field and off. Both Coach Lee and Coach Howards are totally crossing the line of insanity like they do every year, but this rivalry game happens to be for the state championship. No pressure. Things are even more intense now that some of the students have heard that college scouts are coming to see them play. Keep an eye out, South Side kids are a lot rougher than North Shore students and it’s not unheard of to have the school and the students messed with by South Side. The school’s security is stepped up around the clock with how bad things can get between the high schools, and the Jocks are often warned to stay away from trying to mess with South Side, their students, and their school. Of course, that never works. Both football teams are overly confident about this game although they are evenly matched up, the jocks are said to have already planned a “Victory Party” for after the game Friday night.

NOTE: We are aware that in real time, winter sports would be the sport teams to realistically be in season. For the sake of having all jocks involved, and because we have the power to control things in RP land, we will say all sports will be playing this week.. with the annual North Shore vs South Side football game ending “Hell Week” off. (The final score of the football game will be posted on the main late Friday, before the party.)


The Plastics are widely talked about, not just at North Shore and over at South Side High, but all over the sate. Nobody is sure who has the connection, or how this came about, but the Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Cranston, has informed the student body that Vogue magazine has selected Marnie Naveen, Kimberly Mosakowski, Holly Benson, Rebecca Eastwood, and Emmy-Belle Saracen to be on a two page spread about high school life and their popularity, going in detail about their story and talk about how they have made such a large name for themselves at such a young age. But there is twist, Vogue has also asked to select random students to interview on how caring and passionate these five girls are and want to know how they use their powers to bring inclusiveness and love to the school. The Plastics must scramble to not only look their best, feel their best, and interview at their best- but they must also get the lower cliques and their enemies on their good side. Because let’s be real; it’s Vogue. Interviewers will be walking the halls all week, following the Plastics for candid photoshoots, to record their life details and routines, and to make their own opinions of them. No pressure. 


Once Hell Week rolls around, the Populars know what time it is. “Bitch Week.” Not because most Popular’s are known to be bitchy or have an attitude, but because they get made the bitches of the Plastics. The rules are simple, if a Plastic texts a Popular’s phone, they have to do it and not tell a soul. Every popular is glued to their phone, waiting for that dreaded text (a message sent through your character’s inbox) from a Plastic. Running errands, receiving dares, taking commands, you name it.  Even if you are super close to one of the shiny plastics, nobody is safe. It’s tradition, the Plastics know the Jocks are busy defending the honor of the school on the field, so they turn to the Popular’s to see who has what it takes to be in next school year’s running for Plastic.

OOC: This coming week is a week full of events and activities that your character may be interested in. How involved you are with your clique’s activities is entirely up to you. Keep your eye out for tasks assigned to your clique, as well as a lot of involvement with teachers! Get your sleep Sunday night, “Hell Week” starts 2/20 - 2/24, with the last event being the jock’s big game Friday night (not RPed out, we will post the overall score of the game Friday night) and the huge “victory” party already planned Friday night! As always, we know this is a lot of please feel free to message the main if you have any questions! 

Since tech week has been hell, like it should be, I decided to pull a little Jenna Hunterson magic for my cast and crew mates.
This is called “I’d Crumble Without You” Strawberry Crumble Pie.

Because after all, 🎵it only takes a taste, when it’s something special.🎵

And I want to tell my cast/crew: 🎵you matter to me🎵

(Also if you want the recipe, just message me)
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