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Ello Doc! It’s new year’s day where I’m at and I was wondering if I could request a new year’s day one shot with hungover bechloe. Thanks in advance and hope you had a great new year!

Oh my goodness yes you absolutely can 😅 brilliant prompt! Happy New Year dude ❤️

Beca let out a huge groan, immediately grabbing the bed covers around her and pulling them up over her head as she heard the door to the studio apartment she shared with her best friend’s open then slam shut. Her mouth was dry and furry and yucky and she was fairly certain she may have vomited at some point overnight thanks to the crappy taste in her mouth. She let out an exhausted sigh, her body feeling heavy like lead as she slowly drifted back off to sleep.

Another groan left her lifeless body as she heard her heavy footed, heavy handed, heavy breathing best friend rattling around the apartment. But Beca didn’t need to say anything to the lively Australian, because suddenly a loud groan and a mumbled “Amyyyyyy!” sounded from beside her, and Beca felt Chloe pulling the bedcovers over her own head.

This was the fold-out bed they shared. It had been for almost two years now. So Beca was used to the feel of Chloe’s warm body curling up into hers, particularly in moments like this when they were both heavily hung over. Beca let out another sigh as she felt Chloe crawl a little further into her arms, the redhead’s body becoming a little heavier as she drifted back off to sleep.

“You guys it’s not like it’s early!” Fat Amy said innocently. Loudly. “It’s 3pm on New Years Day!”

“Which means we only got home 9 hours ago Amy..” Beca mumbled sleepily, her head throbbing. She brought her hand to her nose and rubbed it before snaking it around Chloe’s bare waist. Beca let out a small groan then froze as she thought about the skin beneath her fingertips.

“Speak for yourself..” Amy said, pulling the terrible curtain around the excuse they had for a toilet, “Where did you guys end up anyway? I lost you before midnight.”

Beca slowly began running her fingers up Chloe’s bare ribcage and to her relief they came in contact with her bra. They weren’t naked. Not like last New Years, when it had been highly awkward waking up naked together with no recollection of whether anything had happened or not. Because they weren’t a couple. They weren’t dating. And other than the odd make-out session here or there when they returned home from a party, neither woman talked about whether they wanted to go beyond their status of best friends.

Beca swallowed loudly as she felt Chloe slowly trace her own fingertips up Beca’s back, pausing at her bra strap. Chloe let out a slight exhale and Beca let out a small smile when she heard her best friend whisper into her chest to her, “Oh thank God..for a minute there I thought we were naked again.”

The brunette opened her eyes slightly, letting out a small groan as her eyes met the dim light that came in from outside the bedcovers. She heard Chloe do the same and watched as the redhead brought her face back from the crook of her neck to blink up at her.

Despite her banging headache Beca still found the energy to keep her eyes open, her heart beginning to beat faster as her eyes locked with Chloe’s. Their bare legs were interlaced and Beca could feel Chloe’s chest rising and falling against hers. The brunette gently brought her hand from Chloe’s ribs and slid it up to the woman’s cheek, cupping it delicately. She watched as Chloe bit her bottom lip, inching her face a little closer to Beca’s. Just as the tips of their noses touched, a loud groan was heard outside of their bedcover shelter, followed by a large fart.

“Oops. Sorry girls..” came Amy’s response from behind the ‘privacy curtain’, but Beca and Chloe were already cringing, horrified at the smell that was now filling the small studio apartment.

“Oh God, Amy!!!” Beca cried out angrily, before groaning as the effort it had taken to raise her voice, bringing her hand from Chloe’s cheek to her own forehead with a wince.

Beca heard the toilet flush and the ‘privacy curtain’ being pulled open, before the Australian’s noisy footsteps thudded over to the fold-out bed that Beca and Chloe currently lay in. Amy appeared to open the only window in the apartment, then a spraying sound was heard as the blonde used an air freshener.

“So where did you guys end up?” Amy asked again with a sigh, moving over to the tiny kitchen to get some juice out of the fridge.

“We were at Dan’s party with you, Amy, then I think we went to Galleon’s?” Chloe mumbled, and Beca had some sudden recollection of her and Chloe being in the Galleon’s Bar in Brooklyn.

“Galleons?” Amy said suspiciously, “Isn’t that a gay bar?”

Beca and Chloe both swallowed loudly, their eyes wrenching open and they looked at one another again. They held their breath as memories from last night came flooding back. Yes they had drunkenly thought it had been a fun idea to go from Amy’s friend’s party to a gay bar. Yes they had held hands the whole time they’d been there. And yes, they’d been each other’s midnight kiss. A kiss that had quickly turned into a deep and long make out session in one of the darker corners of the busy bar.

“Uh, yeah?” Beca said awkwardly, looking down at Chloe’s lips while the redhead bit her bottom lip, a small guilty smile growing on her face. A smile that Beca mirrored.

“Okaaay..” Amy said suspiciously, a small grin on her face.

Meanwhile Beca had returned her hand to cup Chloe’s cheek. She couldn’t remember a lot of what had happened last night, but she did remember making out with Chloe in that bar at midnight, just like she remembered making out with her when they’d arrived at their apartment block, and again making out with her when they’d both got into their apartment. She remembered how amazing kissing Chloe felt. And it was this memory that had her inching her face towards Chloe’s.

“So if the bedcovers weren’t over you guys right now I wouldn’t find you both naked?” Amy asked curiously. But neither Beca or Chloe had really heard her, because they had begun quietly kissing under the bedcovers. Chloe’s fingertips drifting up and down Beca’s back while the brunette continued to cup Chloe’s cheek.

Suddenly they let out loud gasps, their kiss breaking as the bedcovers were flung off their fold-out bed, “I KNEW it!!” Amy exclaimed with a huge grin on her face, “I KNEW you two were doing it!”

Beca sat up quickly to snatch back the bedcovers, grabbing them successfully but letting out a huge groan as she landed back on the bed, her head throbbing still. Chloe scrambled to straighten out the bedcovers, and the two woman sighed as they laid back in the bed, clutching the bedcovers.

“Um..I need to go out to pick some groceries up so..I’ll be about 30 minutes..”

“Amy..” Chloe started, not wanting to make the Australian feel awkward, but the woman merely smiled at her best friend’s.

“Alright, alright, I’ll make sure I’m at least 40 minutes. That should give you guys enough time right?”

“Oh my God” Beca muttered, her hand over her eyes in embarrassment. But before anything more was said, Amy darted out of the apartment.

Both Beca and Chloe let out loud groans of discomfort as the apartment door slammed shut again, disturbing their respective headaches. And although they had now been given ample of time to get up to whatever Amy assumed they would want to get up to, Chloe merely shuffled into Beca’s arms again, pulling the covers over their shoulders.

And they simply lay there dozing, placing drowsy kisses on each other’s bodies from time to time, until Amy returned with armfuls Of snacks and bottles of water to help her best friend’s with their hangovers.