queue: gone

And when you realize that I am still the one for you, that you think you should take a U-turn, I will tell you that the person you left behind before, is now dead and gone. The place that used to be yours only, is gone. No matter what you do, I am no longer the place you can run to anymore.
—  Lukas W. // That person you left behind

whatever youre doing do NOT, i repeat DO NOOOOT think of the pure JOY that filled their hearts as they finally got to spend time with each other agAIN DO NOT think of how much they teased each other and laughed and ALL THOSE TIMES they tried to kiss each other but couldn’t because their mouths were too busy SMILING SO WIDE and they couldn’t help it DO NOT think of even squeezing isak tight and isak telling him “let me gooooo” and pretending to mean it but still smiling like a kid in a toy store and like he does when nasa finds new planets and even reply “never” and kissing him exactly FORTY SEVEN TIMES ALL OVER HIS FACE