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Yesterday's Tomorrow - Day Two
This is my contribution to Pokeshipping Week. Nothing special. 

Summary: A series of one-shots for Pokeshipping week on tumblr. Day two: Stages of Their Relationship. Seasons change and people grow, though sometimes it takes a person looking in to realize that..

Entry two takes place in my own slightly AU Universe, but the only things you have to know to understand are a. Ash can use aura and b. he and Misty are already dating.

FF.N || AO3

malira assassins au: Kira Yukimura and Malia Tate are the country’s most feared and high profiled assassins, but they’re also each another’s greatest enemies, often competing against each other for a kill. But one day, they’re both confronted by mafia leader, Lydia Martin, with the details to a job to kill a rivaling mafia leader by the name of Peter Hale. Lydia is willing to pay a hefty sum for the completion of the job, but there’s a catch.

The two assassins will have to work together.

Having to put their differences beside, Malia and Kira are thrown into a job like no other, where they’ll have to trust each other if they want to get out of it alivethat is, if they don’t kill each other first.

(Or even worse: fall in love.)

Marrishweek 2.0 | Day Two

Marrish Fairytale AU: 
Beacon Hills is known for its escalating murders and crime rate, but even the police department has never had to deal with something like this. One day, there’s a report that a man took his boat out into the sea but never returned. Similar reports start to pop up as the weeks go by, and the police can’t seem to figure out why, and more importantly who is making these men disappear.

Jordan Parrish, a twenty-four year old deputy decides to get to the bottom of this. Taking the risk, the young deputy takes a boat out into the middle of the sea one stormy night, where he nearly loses his life, only to have it saved by someone he never expected. A beautiful and rather stubborn mermaid by the name of Lydia, who has a strange fascination with the human world. Jordan finds out that she’s been dwelling in these waters looking for her one true love, who actually died in a ship wreck many years ago, and very strangely, looked a lot like him

But is Lydia really the one making innocent men go missing? And why is it that Jordan just can’t seem to take his eyes off her?