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Caranthir's headcanons

Someone messaged me and asked for Caranthir headcanons! I also just got over an obsession with Caranthir so yeah, you’re welcome for these headcanons 😂

- Caranthir’s temper is something we need to address first because to be with him means to be able to handle cruelness from him when he’s angry. No, he’s not going to cut you up in little pieces, but he definitely will make you cry a few times. Which, he will feel guilty for but it’s more like he’ll hold you till you’re done because he makes people cry all the time so he’s use to it.

-Very long, sleek black hair down to his hips, he usually keeps it in a knot at the back of his neck.

-Slight rubicund features on his face and neck. He usually looks angry all the time due to the redness, his glass-cutting jaw and furrowed eyebrows.

-But actually, he’s not a very angry person. He’s very fair, not kind…. but tolerant? Like, he’s not mean but I don’t see him as being very giving like Maedhros.

-Pretty aggressive when mad. I headcanon that he ruins things, like, he can throw an oak chair against the wall and shatter it– with one hand. And those things aren’t light either, they’re wood so they’ve got some weight.

Yeah, just tell me if you want more of these lol I gotta go to work but I’m up for writing more when I get some time. I might after work if I’m not too tired. I have Memorial Day tomorrow so I don’t know if I’ll have any time to sit down and write. This whole week I’ll be busy because I’m hosting a Gender Reveal at the end of the week so we’ll see how much I can post xD

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Lady Liberty preview p26 !

All my time is for my current comic Lady Liberty.
For the moment I have no free time for other artworks or watercolors :/

And a big new happens ! My familly have to move in other city and find a new home ! That will be very time consuming. 


Hi! I was busy working on a school project all weekend ( maybe a mouth), and tired the whole year.. and I had no time to draw–I know, I’m supposed to drawings…
I’m happy with myself. However, I don’t sell my all days for drawings…
I don’t feel (I don’t think anyone should feel)…
I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post much art lately! Life has mostly very Important. I’ll have new art to post hopefully soon.