queue: away for a week


I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but this is one of my favorite dresses! Its so vintage and classy! Of course, I’m a huge fan of dark lips, so I’ve paired that with this dress as well. I think it works quite nicely :)

In other news, I’m going on vacation next week!!! I haven’t decided if I’m going to queue up some posts for next week while I’m away, or take a week off completely. Either way, you should totally flood my asks with fun questions!

I’m still working my way though my inbox, btw. If I haven’t answered your question yet, its for one of two reasons. One, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. If this is you, I’m so sorry! I’m trying!!! or Two, you’ve asked or said something extremely rude/perverted/inappropriate etc. and I have decided not to respond. If this is you, I’m so not sorry!!!

I love you all! Check out the links below if you want to replicate what I’m wearing :)

Get the look!




Good Night, and farewell for now.

Well, tomorrow’s the day my friends. The day I leave for two whole weeks, and don’t plan to be on this site until I get back. I’m going to miss you all so dearly. Even though I’ll be enjoying my time away, I’ll still be thinking about my friends and followers. :) I’ll be back on either the 22nd, or 23rd. I’ll have my queue running, and it will be tagged as “q: zuzu’s away queue” I hope you all have a wonderful couple of weeks, and I’ll catch y’all later.  As always, stay flamin’ everybody! ;) 

I’m two weeks away from the hubby coming home, yay! Once he’s here the month will belong to the family, and when we’re not doing the hangout thing, there’s just a lot of stuff to be done to prepare for impending bs and drama. I’ll still be popping on and answering things when I can. Everything is going to be queued. My plan is to take a handful of things queue them, let the queue run then come back a few days later for another round.  

Sorry to add to my general slow, I’ve really missed him, and the leave approval is the only bit of good news we’ve gotten in a while. I’m excited and getting things ready, but you can poke me on IM or Skype.     

Blog name change

OK, I think sometime in mid-May I’ll change the name of this blog to rum-and-shattered-dreams.  I’ll be away for a week and will probably queue up some posts warning of the change then change it when I get back.  

Sorry I’ve nigh on abandoned this blog guys… Twitter and Instagram are so much easier for me to manage, so please consider following those accounts for actual content <3

Colossalcon is 4 short weeks away. Queue panic. Here’s my lineup! <3

I only have shoots set up for a few of these, so if anyone is interested in shooting Moon or my Pooltron, Aqours, or Fire Emblem groups, please send me a price quote!


Logan & Veronica Appreciation Week: Day 6: Favourite Romantic Moment
↳ 3x01 Welcome Wagon - “Here. A bonus birthday gift.“