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(semi?) hiatus

i think im gonna delete the tumblr app for the next few weeks! or until i get all my summer work done (school starts next month..aaaah). ill still try to reply to mssgs just understand it might take a while! sorry i just waste a lot of time on this site, esp on mobile…usually idc bc i have nothing else to do but rn it’s crunch time lmao!
tldr: summer homework = semi hiatus!


Sorry about this! And just after I came off an unanounced hiatus too!

It’s still a month away, but my school will be starting up again soon. This is gonna be my senior year, so I need to take August to prep my character designs and storyboards for my thesis!

So for the time being, I’m gonna be away from this blog! However I have some art that I’m finishing up and some compilations of previous posts I’m gonna put in the queue for Fridays! Hopefully I have enough to last me through August, but if not, I’ll still be doing little sketches of the Samurai Jack characters on my phone and in my sketch book that’ll be added to the queue here!

Thank you all so much for sticking around with me through the first dry spell of art and hopefully sticking with me through this next one! To all my new followers, thank you so so much for your support! To followers both new, and old, I hope to keep making art you all enjoy!

  • Noah Czerny: *smiles and is happy*
  • Me: my skin is clear, my crops are flourishing, the sun is shining, I have 20/20 vision, I have straight A's, I'm properly hydrated-

the good news! remember in January when I went on hiatus to apply to grad school? remember in March when I went on a giant trip for a mysterious interview??

I’m pleased to announce I was accepted into my number one program!! I’ll be going off to graduate school in the fall to study fun things and work super hard. :3 I’m really REALLY excited. this is the culmination of a couple years of hard work and a whole lot of onion stress, so I’m just. I’m really, really happy. (my number one school!!!) 

bad news: I have a lot of things to figure out in the next few months, not least of which is how I’m funding this. Like most educational programs in this country, this one comes with a giant price tag that’s currently entirely insurmountable for me. So - dream on one hand, money on the other. I don’t yet know how it’ll balance, or if it even will. (anyone have an extra 100k lying around?) The school’s also on the complete other side of the country, so I have a giant move and adventure ahead.

On top of all this, I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to get fic and fandom events done and it’s spiraled out of control. I don’t possess a strong ability to say no to people or fun activities, so it’s just built up to the point where this self-imposed level of anxiety and stress is not healthy for me. So I’m stepping back from tumblr for a little while to see if I can’t get a handle on everything - IRL stress, fic stress, any or all of the above.

Worse news, maybe: I’m going on hiatus for a while. I have some things queued and will be around to do a thing or two (events I’m running), but for the most part I’m not here. This also means no Hunk Day or Shiro Day for the foreseeable future. If you’d like to take up one of those please shoot me a message and I’ll walk you through it :) it’s not hard.

tldr; I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL, I’m more stressed than I should be, I’m going on hiatus at least for a bit <3 tag me or @ me or drop me a message if there are things you want me to see in the meantime. I’ll respond when I can. :)

Thank you all for your support!

hey so im going on hiatus for a little while! im working full time and trying to manage studying for dental school exams, plus there’s a lot of stuff i want to utilize my time getting better at (like overwatch) or finish stuff i’ve put off doing for a while (like the pile of video games a mile high in my living room). tumblr eats a ridiculous amount of my time when i could be spending it elsewhere, so hopefully this is a good temporary solution for that. blog will be running on queue for the next month or so. :>

Semi hiatus

Um, my exams started yesterday (13/03) and we are also doing essays and some teachers are giving us some works so it’s getting hard to have time to be here and post things. That’s why I want to “"take a break”“, I won’t be online as much as before and I won’t be posting as much as before. My exams will be over next month (12/04) and then I’ll be back! I’ll have my queue on (24 posts per day, 1 post per hour). Having all those school things and tumblr to take care of was making me really stressed! So I hope you all can understand and won’t unfollow me T^T I’ll be online on the weekends and when I get time.

Thank you for reading ╰(´︶`)╯♡

anonymous asked:

Up until this weekend I've been posting two story posts (like finding Marley) but this now I'm so burnt out. It takes two hours to put two posts together and honestly I just don't have time and it's really stressful. Idek why I'm telling you this but no one else really understands. Sorry feel free to ignore this I just needed to vent.

It’s totally fine to feel burnt out!! Just take some for yourself!! Your blog is supposed to be fun, don’t feel like you have to keep to any deadlines- it’s. your blog. I’m being so hypocritical by saying this, because I too really struggle with balancing my personal life and my simblr life.

Up until recently I would post ½ Finding Marley posts a day; each post takes between 3-6 hours to complete (and pose requests take evennnn longeerrrr omg). Which meant I would come in from college at around 1pm and work flat out on the story until 3/4am, meaning I never got any school work done, and I would be too tired to function properly the next day. Now, I’m a little better, I still stay up incredibly late but I spend less time during the day working on it.

Basically, I’m trying to say you’re not alone!! But in the end your mental health and your school/work should always come first!! It’s easy to forget that this is just a hobby. I’m on hiatus at the moment because I’m on a 2 week vacation with my boyfriend, and I’ve honestly felt anxious because my queue wasn’t full and I was worried that people would be upset. honestly. you. are. not. alone.

It’s a totally normal feeling; it comes with the territory 😊 running a simblr isn’t easy, it should be, but it isn’t. All I can advise is to remember that this is a hobby, it’s supposed to be fun. If it stops being fun, stop, and do something else that’s fun for a little while 😊

You can vent to me whenever you like anon! 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

hi guys! I’ve been in kinda of down recently and decided to go on a hiatus for the rest of the month of April… I’ve been really stressed out with school (plus my eating disorder has been getting bad 😞) and since I post on tumblr the most and so I just kinda wanna take a break from that but I did set up a really big queue! see you guys later 💗


hey everyone, as the title clearly says, i will be going on a semi-hiatus, meaning that i will be still active, just not as much. i am currently still very busy with school (ugh why) and with exams (piano) and graduation coming up, i won’t be as active, and that includes chats like discord: sorry in advance to all the networks i’m in! i will be back for sure by june 30th, as school ends that day. my queue will still run 24/7, 20 times a day, and i am very sorry for this short little hiatus.

mutuals, maybe signal boost this? 

xoxo, bonnie

➤ 50 icons of Caroline Forbes in Season 6 episodes 1 & 2

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All the icons are under the cut for individual saving. Enjoy!

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ema-sifford  asked:

are you going to continue Finding Marley?

Yeeeeeeeeeees I am! Ideally I would’ve preferred to have finished Finding Marley before starting another story but as you can probably tell I’ve kind of lost motivation/inspiration for it over the past few weeks? The lovely @lobaysims gave me some good advice! They suggsted that I work on filling up my queue with The Badlands posts to the point that I don’t have to worry about it running out; which I’m hoping won’t be too hard, as seen as I have a ton of ideas! And then because I don’t have to worry posting that story I can try and focus back on Finding Marley!

Nothing’s set in stone yet, but either way I definitely won’t be abandoning Finding Marley. It may be going on hiatus for a few weeks or I may try and write them both simultaneously, I’m not sure. I’m going to sit down later (when I’m back from school) and try and figure out exactly what I want to do! But don’t worry, I’ll be keeping you posted! 😊


hey so i’m taking a hiatus for about a week cause school is getting too much and i don’t have the time to run this mediocre blog :( 

  • i will have a queue running hopefully
  • i won’t answer messages so if you need to hmu you can do it on kik (my username is elihowlter) or on insta (eliii.ze) 
  • i will still post on dan’s bday!! (as ive already got a few things planned out)
  • i will finish the br once i get back sorry for the wait yikesjgfjweisuckasjgkj