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Colors of the ocean near Aruba

What bothers me most about Rip’s decision to leave the Waverider (aside from abandoning Gideon) isn’t that he leaves but that he’s motivated to do so by an internal conflict that’s already been resolved. He and Sara addressed his sense of purposelessness at the end of “Moonshot.”

There were plenty of valid reasons Rip could have had for wanting to leave the Legends.

What. We. Got. Wasn’t. One. Of Those. 

My new favorite waistband shot: Alex Geerman

You know I love a good waistband photo. And you know I love Alex Geerman. But there is something very special about this photo – something that makes the model seem even sexier. International fashion model Alex, is modeling for his mom. More specifically he posed as the family pool boy in a series of photos to help with his mom’s vacation rental house in Aruba. So to sum up, Alex is not only handsome, muscular, and supremely sexy, but he’s also loyal and helps his mom. Now that’s hot.