What if in Les Mis everyone knew they were singing and that it’s completely normal? And Inspector Crowe!vert was bullied constantly for having a slightly different voice? And the police wouldn’t promote him because they said he’s bad at communication with others bECAUSE NOT EVERYONE LIKES HIS VOICE AND HE’S SAD. But Valjean likes his singing. So they sing together alone like in a Disney love song.


Why this has me on the floor half dead from fangirling:

- The setting is like the colosseum in Gladiator

- The kid reminds me of a really young Lucius from Gladiator. He’s going to be ruler of Rome and he’s in the colosseum too. Will he be able to handle the responsibilities when the time comes?

- It’s younger (2006) Russell Crowe AND he’s singing

- This is the closest to Javert partying

- 0:21, 0:43, 1:32, 2:20 and every single other scene where Russell is nnngggh

- His little dance moves

- The video and song are simple and that’s what makes them brilliant

- And he’s also all: