buckygreyjoy asked:

Sam is. hmm. I bet Sam is working as a TA or an intern to a professor somewhere, and sometimes he gets so absorbed in his work that he forgets to sleep and only eats a quarter of his food, and Jon ends up staging an intervention and conscripting Grenn and Pyp into helping him drag Sam away for a bit to feed him. (Jon used to be bad at cooking, but once he moved out of the house he had to learn how to get good at it bc the NW gang has a chore wheel and he didn't want to cause food poisoning.)

“sam, when did you last eat?”

“listen, jon, i’m really busy, i think it was yesterday, i really need to finish this though i’ll eat afterwards–”

“what day was yesterday?”

“… tueeees … day?”

“it was thursday we’re going right now grenn pack his stuff.”

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