mr. byun

(before machine) chanyeol tells the fans that there is no car

chanyeol: sumimasen.. (i’m sorry)

fans: eeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy

baekhyun: eeeeeEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!! (imitates/joins the fans at first then it becomes a high note)

chanyeol & fans: WOOOOW!

How to Storyboard

After receiving a few requests to explain how I plan and organize stories before I write them, I present “How to Storyboard,” a template with tips on how to arrange a story idea, plan its characters and scenes, and get organized before the writing process begins.

Note: This template is in no way canon or a “must” among fiction writers; it’s simply a tool I built to keep myself focused on a story’s essentials and to stay on track of everything I need to maintain plot flow with multi-chaptered stories.

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Tips For New Writing Blogs

After receiving repeated asks for tips on how to run a fic writing blog, I have compiled this list. It’s not a complete list, of course, and completing all the steps has no guarantee of success, but it’s a good start for new blogs who are trying to get set up and aren’t sure where to start. I’m putting the tips under the cut as this list will probably grow over time as I find other useful additions.

- Iris

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