Angsty malec headcanons

@wrath-of-the-badger Malec angsty head canons?? (I’m evil. Not)

•a few years after they get married Alec is in a really bad demon attack
•he’s left in a coma and the silent brothers say he probably won’t ever come out of it
•for a while Magnus refuses to believe this and begins experimenting ways to try to wake him up
•after the first month he still tries
•after the first year he still tries
•after five years he still tries
•after even the other lightwoods give up and hold a funeral of sorts he still tries
•then one day he hears of a warlock in Scotland who claims to have extraordinary healing abilities
•he has Raphael watch over the ever sleeping Alec and travels to Europe at once
•when he gets there he finds out that the only way to wake him up is to kill someone else in his place
•when Magnus is obviously against it the warlock offers him an alternative, a potion that will let him communicate with Alec awake or otherwise
•overwhelmed with the chance to talk to Alec again he races back home
•Raphael is dismissed and Magnus sits by Alec’s bedside waiting for the potion to kick in
•all at once Magnus can here this unyielding scream inside his head
•and it’s coming from Alec
•Alec has been in nothing but constant pain since the attack and Magnus has simply been drawing it out
•he can’t make the screaming stop its loud and sad and angry and tired and broken and it just goes on and on and on
•the next morning when Raphael comes back to check on Magnus he finds Magnus gone a note left on the counter and Alec dead smothered by a pillow
•the simply says “I’m sorry, I didn’t know”
•The lightwoods are finally able to give Alec a proper funeral
•they never hear from or see Magnus again

Raphael headcanons

@raphaelsantiagosavedhimself Hi! Can you write Raphael headcanons please? Just anything at all involving Raphael? Have a good vacation!!

Thank you sweetie!!! •Raphael is freakishly into zen doodling •it started out as Lily getting him coloring books and made him do it to calm down when he’s angry but now he absolutely loves them •he colors every morning before he goes to sleep as a way to wind down •the more intricate the better he can spend hours just completely immersed •he didn’t realize Simon knew about his obsession until their first Christmas together when Simon got him three really complex ones •he literally spent the rest of the day coloring •Magnus always tries to convince him to go outside the lines or make the sky green or other unconventional things but that’s just not the way Raphael works •him and Clary are constantly talking about colored pencils and different kinds of paper and Simon just sits in the back looking fondly at his two art nerds •after a few years he gets adventurous and paints an entire wall in the hotel with a cityscape mural I hope you enjoy these!
Sizzy headcanons

@simon-love-lace Can you do some cute/fluffy/sappy sizzy headcannons :)

•these losers love picnics like nobody’s business all of there most important milestones were decided during picnics
•moving in together
•Simon proposing
•Izzy telling him she’s pregnant
•all happened during picnics
•during their wedding reception Simon sang a song he wrote for Izzy which didn’t surprise her
•what did surprise her was that Simon had worked with Jace for months to be able to play the piano himself
•they had twins and they each got to name one
•Simon named their daughter Rebecca after his sister and Izzy named their son Leopold because she just liked the name (though his middle name is Gideon)
•when Rebecca learned about her dad being a vegetarian she decided she wanted to be one too
•they are the parents that keep seven different examples on hand so that should the need arise they will be able to pull a crayon picture out like “CHECK OUT WHAT MY KID DREW THEY ARE BOTH PRODIGIES”
•Isabelle never took Simons name because nothing will ever sound cooler than Isabelle Lightwood
•Simon whole heartedly agrees
•oh and one more thing

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