the members’ reactions when jongin forgot to go backstage right after his solo and danced with exo-m

Witch Tip

Don’t be afraid to customize spells you find in books/online to fit your personal needs/means/personal beliefs. If you’re vegan, feel free to find substitutes for eggshells in a spell. Don’t have sea salt but a spell requires it? Feel free to use regular salt. Want to adapt a love spell into a friendship spell? Go for it! Spells aren’t a one size fits all thing, so it’s perfectly okay to adapt something to fit your needs! And just because you change something with a spell doesn’t mean it “breaks” the spell or anything. Intent is the most important part of witchcraft.

lets talk about sasuke and naruto’s connection and how sasuke starts getting insight into when naruto gets angry or impassioned but one day, really early, sasuke senses something weird like he just cant place the feeling so he freaks out and rushes over to naruto’s house to find him having a wank

and he yells and naruto yells and sasuke just stands there really awkwardly and naruto laughs it off but sasuke spends the rest of the day in a weird daze until he lies down to go to sleep that night and it just hits him like a freight train that maybe that was the best thing he’s ever felt because naruto’s chakra was scorching hot and sasuke doesn’t sleep that night or any night that week


Boy, girl, or undefined?


Any birthmarks or scars?


Hair color? 

Hair style? 

How tall are they?

What shade of skin do they have?

Any piercings? 


Are they missing any body parts? 

How big is their nose?

Strong jawline?

Feminine looking or masculine looking?

What clothes do they wear? 

Big or small feet?


Big or small lips?

Any missing teeth?

Good smile?

Any moles? 

What are their favorite shoes?

How big are their hands?

Soft or rough skin?



Are they sarcastic? 

What about innocent?


Are they insecure? If so, about what?

What are their flaws?

Do they have a sense of humor?

Are they sexual?


What is their sexuality?

Have they ever had their heart broken?

Ever been in a relationship?

Smart or dumb or in between?

Do they know how to shoot a gun?

Use a sword?

Have they been trained in fighting?

Do they put up with bullshit? 

Do they let people walk over them?

Are they angry?

Any mental disorders? 

Any emotional disorders?

Have they ever been abused?

Rich or poor?

Are they selfish or selfless?

Is their someone they love?

Do they like animals?

Have they ever killed someone?

Family and Relationships: 

Do they get along with parents?

Any siblings, if so, do they like them?

Did Mom treat them right?

Did Dad treat them right?

Did siblings treat them right?

Did ANYONE in their family treat them right?

Any friends, how many?

Have they ever had a best friend?

Single or already in a relationship?

Is their anyone who hates them?

Is everyone in their family alive?

All of their friends alive?

Has anyone ever left them behind?

Do they hate anyone?

Do they get along with everyone?

Are they liked by all?

Does anyone love them?

That’s as many as I can think of for now, if anyone would like to add…by all means, go ahead. Hope I helped! Happy writing!