Boy, girl, or undefined?


Any birthmarks or scars?


Hair color? 

Hair style? 

How tall are they?

What shade of skin do they have?

Any piercings? 


Are they missing any body parts? 

How big is their nose?

Strong jawline?

Feminine looking or masculine looking?

What clothes do they wear? 

Big or small feet?


Big or small lips?

Any missing teeth?

Good smile?

Any moles? 

What are their favorite shoes?

How big are their hands?

Soft or rough skin?



Are they sarcastic? 

What about innocent?


Are they insecure? If so, about what?

What are their flaws?

Do they have a sense of humor?

Are they sexual?


What is their sexuality?

Have they ever had their heart broken?

Ever been in a relationship?

Smart or dumb or in between?

Do they know how to shoot a gun?

Use a sword?

Have they been trained in fighting?

Do they put up with bullshit? 

Do they let people walk over them?

Are they angry?

Any mental disorders? 

Any emotional disorders?

Have they ever been abused?

Rich or poor?

Are they selfish or selfless?

Is their someone they love?

Do they like animals?

Have they ever killed someone?

Family and Relationships: 

Do they get along with parents?

Any siblings, if so, do they like them?

Did Mom treat them right?

Did Dad treat them right?

Did siblings treat them right?

Did ANYONE in their family treat them right?

Any friends, how many?

Have they ever had a best friend?

Single or already in a relationship?

Is their anyone who hates them?

Is everyone in their family alive?

All of their friends alive?

Has anyone ever left them behind?

Do they hate anyone?

Do they get along with everyone?

Are they liked by all?

Does anyone love them?

That’s as many as I can think of for now, if anyone would like to add…by all means, go ahead. Hope I helped! Happy writing!

Waking up early is a struggle for many students, me included. As someone who wakes up at 6am every school day I know this all too well. So I decided to create this post to give you some tips on how to make it a bit more manageable to wake up early. 

It can be really difficult to force yourself out of bed but I think that there are more advantages than disadvantages to it in the end.

So here we go!

The night before

Start your night routine 1 hour before you want to close your eyes for the night. For me that time is 9pm since I want to go to bed at 10pm. So I try to stop studying around that time and start making my bag and such. That usually takes 30 min which means that I have 30 minutes for myself before bed. 

Put out clothes for the next day. This is a classic but it works really well. Check the weather for the next day and choose appropriate clothes. This way you will save time in the morning and won’t have to stress about what to wear. 

Make your bag. This is very effective and saves loads of time in the morning. Put all your school books in your bag for the next day and add any snacks or drinks that you’ll bring. 

Put your alarm somewhere you can’t reach it. Put it away from your bed so that you have to get up to turn it off. This way you are less likely to get back to bed. Also it prevents you from using your phone into the endless hours of the night. 

Put your alarm so that your have more time than you need in the morning. I personally don’t like being stressed in the morning so I’d rather put my alarm for a bit to early. 

Have a glass of water by your bed. In case you get thirsty in the middle of the night. 

You will have to go to bed on time. This is unavoidable if you want to feel alive the next day. I personally like to go to bed at 10pm. I’ve never been much of a night person. I would recommend getting at least 7 hours of sleep. 

In the morning

Let all that light in. Don’t dwell in the darkness because you’ll just make it more difficult to get up.

Don’t snooze! I know that it is tempting but don’t do it! You’ll just go back to bed and be more tired and get up an hour later and then be late for class. 

Splash your face with cold water. A kinder version of the cold shower. I personally don’t like to shower in the morning and this works just as well. 

Get dressed ASAP. Then you feel more awake and you’re less likely to go back to bed. 

Do something that you like. I like to watch a tv show episode in the morning because I really like my tv shows and it also gives me a reason to get up on time. If I don’t get up on time I won’t be able to watch my episode. But you could do anything that you enjoy like sudoku or drawing. It becomes a good start of the day. 

Food! I am personally not a big fan of breakfast to early in the morning so I eat really slowly which is another reason for why I like to have a lot of time in the morning. Make something that you know you like, and if that an is avocado sandwich then great but simpler stuff like a cheese sandwich works just as well. 

Decide on a time that you will leave the house. This will make it easier for you not to lounge around at home for too long.

Benefits of an early start

You have time to exercise in the morning! I know that this isn’t something that people like but it is a very good way of waking up. You don’t have to do a full out work out routine, it can just be a 20 min yoga session or a light jog. 

You add like 3 hours to your day. This is what enjoy the most when it comes to waking up early. It really feels like your day becomes twice as long. 

You can distribute your studying time. I personally like to study in the morning if my classes start after 9am. That way I don’t have to do all of my schoolwork in the afternoon. 

You get some me time. Wether this will be in the afternoon or in the morning is up to you. But in the end you will have more time for yourself. You can also be completely by yourself in the mornings since you’ll be the only one awake. I quite like that. 

You get to enjoy the sunrise! 

This advise is based on what I like to do in the morning so everything might not work for everyone but I hope that you might find some of it useful. And be patient, because it will not be easy to wake up early on the first day. But if you do it for a while it will become easier :)

Angsty malec headcanons

@wrath-of-the-badger Malec angsty head canons?? (I’m evil. Not)

•a few years after they get married Alec is in a really bad demon attack
•he’s left in a coma and the silent brothers say he probably won’t ever come out of it
•for a while Magnus refuses to believe this and begins experimenting ways to try to wake him up
•after the first month he still tries
•after the first year he still tries
•after five years he still tries
•after even the other lightwoods give up and hold a funeral of sorts he still tries
•then one day he hears of a warlock in Scotland who claims to have extraordinary healing abilities
•he has Raphael watch over the ever sleeping Alec and travels to Europe at once
•when he gets there he finds out that the only way to wake him up is to kill someone else in his place
•when Magnus is obviously against it the warlock offers him an alternative, a potion that will let him communicate with Alec awake or otherwise
•overwhelmed with the chance to talk to Alec again he races back home
•Raphael is dismissed and Magnus sits by Alec’s bedside waiting for the potion to kick in
•all at once Magnus can here this unyielding scream inside his head
•and it’s coming from Alec
•Alec has been in nothing but constant pain since the attack and Magnus has simply been drawing it out
•he can’t make the screaming stop its loud and sad and angry and tired and broken and it just goes on and on and on
•the next morning when Raphael comes back to check on Magnus he finds Magnus gone a note left on the counter and Alec dead smothered by a pillow
•the simply says “I’m sorry, I didn’t know”
•The lightwoods are finally able to give Alec a proper funeral
•they never hear from or see Magnus again

CAS can seem very overwhelming at first but in the end 150 hours over 2 years is very manageable if you spread it out. So here are some tips on what you can do to get CAS out of the way as fast as possible. 

Fist thing is to get the hours out of the way. This way you won’t have to stress about getting it all done before the deadline. You will have to continue with CAS even when your hours are fulfilled but you won’t have to stress about getting everything done. 

Do stuff during the summer! It could be anything really. Like waking dogs, swimming, jogging or renovating furniture. If you get one or two activities done during the summer you won’t have as much to do during IB12. 

Try and do two or three activities per term. This way you will be done with CAS by the end of the first term in IB12 (since you need 6 actives total). And if you do two activities during summer you will have the first term of IB12 free too. 

Join a school charity trip if your school has one. My school had a charity trip to Thailand during the summer between IB11 and IB12 for 3 weeks. The people that went got all of their 150 hours done during those weeks. They still had to do more CAS activities but they were done with their hours. 

Do an activity during a couple of days. I was part of a Christmas Wrapping that my school organises every year and the money goes to a homeless shelter for kids in Senegal. I got 35 of my Service hours done in 4 days. *boom*. 

See it as an opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to try. If you’ve wanter to learn how to embroider try it! Whatever you want to do give it a try. That’s what CAS is all about. 

Ask you’re CAS coordinator if they can be your supervisor. This way you can do an activity by yourself and send in pictures of your progress as evidence. You can teach yourself something new on your own terms. 

If you’re running, use an app. Runkeeper is an approved CAS advisor which is amazing. So take a screenshot after your run (the part with all your stats on it) and have it as part of your journal as evidence. 

Write your evidence journals after every time you do the activity. If you don’t do this you are very likely to forget what you did. It will become a lot to write in the end as well. If nothing else write them at the end of the week for the activities that you did during the week. 

Get your CAS project out of the way. The faster the better. And it doesn’t have to be anything big. Hanna and I are running this blog as our CAS project and then we don’t really have a set schedule for when we write stuff. 

Join school clubs (or create one). Another good way of getting your CAS hours. I joined my schools MUN club and I was part of it for a term. Some guys in my class created a table top game club. You can get quite some hours from doing it once a week. 

Some stuff you could do for CAS

  • biking 
  • Swimming
  • MUN
  • EYP
  • Knitting 
  • Dance course
  • Live streaming a computer game and the money goes to charity. 
  • Learn an instrument
  • Start a band
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter 
  • Start a Studyblr
  • Join Amnesty 
  • Clean local beaches
  • Try some Yoga
  • Gym 
  • Online courses
  • Help younger kids with their homework.
  • Play an instrument on the street and give the collected money to charity. 
  • Christmas wrapping at a local mall.

I hope that some of these tips were helpful! CAS can actually be really fun and a way for you to get to know yourself better. It is also a great way to get some impressive stuff on your uni application. So make the most of it! :)

whoscaspar  asked:

just wanted to give some advice to ftm buddies dealing with chest dysphoria - take off your shirt, turn on the ceiling fan, listen to your favorite music, and lay on your stomach so you can't see your chest. i have a smaller chest, so i don't know how much this will work for guys with bigger chests, but this is really soothing for me. it's calming to feel shirtless bc of the air on my back but also not be able to see my chest.