1. Which oc makes a small mistake and breaks into a full on nervous sweat as they try to correct it?

2. Which oc makes 5000 mistakes of various magnitudes each day and no longer cares (or notices)?

3. Which oc hasn’t had any bad luck for a while and worries they are overdue for some?

4. Which oc has an assortment of library books (or video rentals) that were due years ago?

5. Which oc makes sure they return all rentals - to friends or businesses - in a timely manner?

6. Which oc is most ambitious?

6a. Are they shy or outgoing?

7. Which oc has the humblest goal?

7a. How hard is it for them to attain?

8. Which ocs make a surprisingly good team?

9. Which ocs seem like they would work well together, but when it comes down to it, they don’t get a lot done?

9a. What got in their way?