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“Behold! The inferno of destruction fills the heavens! Come forth! The Surge of Utnapishtim! This is what it means to destroy the World! Heroic Spirits, suffer the curse that the insolence of challenging the King of Heroes has brought upon ye!”

Mod: Nope. 

What? He’s still me, but prototype me.

Mod: N o p  e


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    Just felt like sharing what else this week had for me other than the report due Monday which we’re still working on.

    1. TERRARIA \o/ why aren’t I surprised that I spent hours on this game and panicked afterwards cause I had to rush my assignments. Also yes, I’m playing my Terraria OC as my avatar (and vice versa). And yes, she poured lava over her father to get that Peddler’s Hat.

    2. My Centurion Mk.5 tank! Geeze, in addition to the image caption I’m actually impressed by its level of detail and structural integrity for its 1:72 scale. That, or the Panzer IV of same scale that I bought from Italeri is horrible at holding its own weight.

    3. Otogi Secret Spirit Agents! It’s a mobile game from the same producers of Ayakashi Ghost Guild. Signal boosting for the game itself/ players of AGG because it’s been pretty entertaining. Or maybe cause I rode the event wave for Luminous Pearl but goddamn Poison S. Brew is the miracle of the game’s story mode (for me, till Chpt 7+ so far). Best wing(wo)man.

    4. So I found out who sent those art theft asks and resolved it separately and admittedly it got both Hitsugi and I really bummed out that I couldn’t even scrape as much as a muse for replies in the earlier part of the week. Seeing Hitsugi’s bday around the corner next ween and not wanting to wish her well on a bad note I decided to take a couple days off to nurse ourselves. Well I’m back now, a bit, and juggling that project report too lmao

Call for headcanons

although the ask box is ridiculously full (sorry bout that) it’s completely empty of headcanon submissions

so this is a general call for submissions because the queue is going to dry up pretty soon and I don’t have enough content to keep posting regularly right now

also keep sending in questions I try to answer as many as possible without it getting repetitive but don’t worry if I haven’t answered because there’s 200+ questions in the ask box but I don’t want to spam you guys so hold tight


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco


Dale Cooper + Disheveled Hair