queue will be going as usual

A little update I guess

I’m sorry I’ve been posting so sporadically lately I’ve been outside a lot recently, (lol thanks to pokemon go) 

and I find during the week when all the new Steven Universe episodes everyday I don’t watch them right away so it’s usually on my dashboard and I’d rather not be spoiled (and I know I could remedy that by watching it right away or blacklisting it but I don’t lol ) so I there’s that too  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and next week I’m going to my dad’s and I may be going camping too so there’s that jsyk i’ll try to get a queue going for y’all 

When the weather’s crappy again I’ll probably be back on more, but I’ll also start looking for a job when I come back from my dad’s so that should be good for me (so I can buy stuff lolol)

Hiatus Notice 7/30-8/12

As you could tell this week I haven’t been on as much as I would like. I started up my accelerated classes again and it has been fair week also ( I live a block away so I’m usually there daily.Anyways I will be taking a week vacation so I need to do two weeks of assignments in one week in order to not fall behind when I go on vacation. So as you can imagine I will be really cramped for time.

I don’t know how much time I will have but I’m going to try my best to get to some drafts. I just won’t be putting them out in my queue till either after I get back from hiatus or if I’m lucky and I get more time then I think I’ll set them out on queue just as I’m leaving on vacation.

I’ll still be lurking so if anyone wants to plot or chat ooc feel free to drop me a message or im. Plus I apologize but I will be finally contacting those that liked my mains post sometime through this week. 

in drafts: @halexstorm, @socioheretic, @firefillcd, @twofirstnames, @clearinthesnap, @noabsolutiion, @chantillystained, @ithurielbled, @neverstopstalking, @erchomaimorningson, @ofmagnusisms, @loyaltohell, @curseofsilvermoons, @cupcakemonwrites, @runedangel, @ofgoldenblood, @niiklausx, @lostsouldier, @regnal, @mjxlnxr, @thedamaged0ne, @seizethedestiny, @schattenjaegcr

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hello friends! 

i would just like to take a minute to say hey to all my new followers. and also my old followers aw

i’m having a hard time rn with some personal problems? everything is okay just some hard times with work rn

but i thought i would let everyone know that i’m going to be back with the regular blogging as soon as possible :)

kryloxen  asked:

This probably has been done before but just Imagine Damian brings home one of his friends and When its time to leave Bruce is like ??where's your parents and you're just like 'oh I'll just walk home' 'hell no let's go' and just picks up his keys

And He drops them off and see’s no ones home and he’s just like ’?? Where are they? ’ ‘I don’t know I’m usually alone most of the time’ and Bruce is not having that shit he goes to the parents and just says sign the papers theyre is mine now goodbye

bruce, driving around the block and craning his neck out: what??? are they hiding somewhere?? are they at work or are they hiding??

damian’s friend, gripping the bar above the window: siR Please It’s Alright!!

hi everyone

thank you all so much for your support. last week i reached a follower count i never ever in my life would’ve dreamed of and i’m just awed and humbled. really, thank you SO MUCH <3

some of you know that life has been really hectic for me lately. today i received the worst news of my life and i’m going to be needing some time to heal. i will still be actively updating this blog but my queue has run out and i think it’s likely that the queue will continue to be sporadic for the next few months. i think it’s also safe to say that i will be even slower to answer asks than i already am…

again, thank you so much for your support and patience. this blog is going nowhere but i just wanted to give you all a heads up in case you notice that i’m not posting as much as usual. the flame consuming my heart fueled by my love of hunter x hunter is just as strong as ever, have no fear.


Semi Hiatus...kind of??? idk

For the next month or so my job is going to be very intense and I’ll be working 7 days a week 😫 So I don’t foresee myself having a lot of spare time to spend on here😓 I’ll do my best, but I probably won’t be able to update as frequently and it will most likely take me a little longer than usual to get back to you if you send me an ask. Please wait for me 😭

Theme and Things

Hi Guys!

Thanks to the lovely Anon and for letting us know the theme is down!!!

At this time, we will not have time to fix it so please bare with it for just a little while! Emi is taking the Bar this week and is 100% unavailable and I am REALLY BAD at technology ^^; I’ll try to keep the queue going for you, but we won’t be able to fix links/etc. until after Emi’s taken her test/rested! (speaking of please send her encouraging messages to her personal!! @emibonbon )

If you have any tutorials or cosplay pictures, please feel free to submit them! I’m not usually home from work until 7 PM central time, but I’ll make sure they get posted :)

Thank you for understanding! Keep having fun and working hard, Cosbabies! (and catching Pokemon ^.~)

L2S Cosplay

anonymous asked:

What does queue means? Excuse my ignorance

Oh no, it’s fine! Queue is the tag I use for posts that are scheduled to published to my blog at set intervals, even if I’m not online. Others will tag it this as well usually or do some sort of play on words with it (like “#without queue” or “#i’ll be seeing queue” for example). Most people will set up a queue if they’re going on vacation or if they’re very busy and won’t be able to blog themselves. I like to keep it going constantly so I don’t overwhelm my followers with bursts of posts all at once whenever I login. 

To queue a post, you just need to use the drop down menu when posting something and select “queue” instead. Then on the sidebar where your blog stats show up, a queue tab will appear. If you click it, it will take you to a page where you can schedule however many posts per day you want there to be and between what time period. Scheduled posts will also appear here if you want to go back and edit them. It’s very convenient! 

Hope this explains it (sorry if it is confusing, i’m tired so my writing might not make much sense haha)

I'm so sorry for not being as active as usual

I’ve been going through a lot of personal shit and sick a lot on top of that so please excuse my absence as the personal issues are taking a while to work out and I’ve been getting a lot of headaches which makes it rly hard to look at my computer to type up headcanons and such. I truly feel really bad but I will be posting more soon and try to be on at least every other day (to queue) once this stuff settles. Love you!!! thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for following and supporting this blog

A Little Note...

I’m going away on holiday tomorrow till the 15th of August so I won’t be around to respond to any messages. Please don’t think I’m ignoring you. I’d never purposely do that! 😄

@miladyflair @hemlock-in-the-cocktails @whoyearsnight my Hastings Monday posts will be scheduled for the next three Mondays so sadly I won’t be around to reblog. Everything else will go ahead as usual on my blog as I have a queue set up while I’m away 😘😘😘

RP updates and master list

So, here’s my bi-monthly (give or take) roleplay update and masterlist


The only real update I have this week is that I’m going to be going on a small hiatus here soon.  Starting Monday, August First, and going until Monday, August 8th, I’ll be on hiatus.  I’ll be at Gencon, the largest tabletop gaming convention in the United States, which happens to be in my hometown.  It’s the biggest con I go to yearly and the last one of the year for me.  I’m going to set up a queue of ask memes during that time period which I’ll be replying to asks sent in, but I won’t have enough time to do any replies due to the con I’ll be attending that week.

As usual, if you’d like to skype, let me know.

RP Master List:

This masterlist only includes threads that have been replied to by both parties within the last month.  If we have a thread unmentioned due to it having not been replied to in a while, feel free to reply to it regardless and I’ll add it back to my bookmarks afterwards.  Let me know if I’m missing any.  Let me know if anything needs to be dropped.  I do this about once every two-three weeks just to make sure I’m up to date on everything since I have a LOT of threads.  Let me know if you wish to not be in these updates and/or if you wish to not receive reminders about threads.  Thanks! 

I hope everyone has an awesome week!

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Scenes Week 3, Scene 5: Workout Routine ft Skylar Belrose & Thorne Melrose

Thorne got into character. The gym buff who often frequented the gym, usually to work out, to meet a guy, or to meet a guy and fuck him somewhere in the gym. Usually in the locker rooms. The camera was rolling and the director called action. So he started at one of the machines. He was actually really excited to be doing a scene with Skylar. It was going to be their first time working and since Thorne had already fucked him in the ass for the first time a bit back, he already knew what to do to make the smaller man happy. He pumped his muscles at the machine he was using, and it was Skylar’s queue to enter the gym, looking around clueless at the workout equipment, and it was Thorne’s job to introduce him to a few of them. When he did come around, he noticed instantly, because Skylar was always noticeable and he was just so damn cute and sexy. He got himself together, getting into the role he was playing. “Want some help there, bud?” he called over to him as he stopped what he was doing to give Skylar his full undivided attention, while checking him out.

anonymous asked:

What kinda fics do you usually write? Like I get that you write grumps fics but what else? :)

Well, as far as fandoms go: 

I just wrote my first Su/perm/eg/a fic: here (and I do want to write more of them) 

I also lately have written a Stardew Valley fic: Here (also want to do more) 

Besides that, not much else. I am increasingly growing in interest in the green jack and that mark fellow but haven’t really written them yet. I also ship Ryan and Matt with Mark but haven’t do that either. 

I used to write in bandom prior to joining the shipgrumps/polygrumps fandom and so if you go on my AO3 you’ll find those fics! 

I used to write for Panic at the disco 

Little bit for Fall Out Boy 

A couple smaller bands 

I have some Kpop fics lmao that I wrote about Shinee 

I was jumping around fandoms after leaving bandom and couldn’t find a place to settle so I ended up doing a few different fandoms: morel oral, community, and teen wolf, as well as the walking dead and it’s always sunny in Philadelphia being among them! 

I’m pretty happy in the Grump fandom though so that’s where a lot of my work will be centered besides the other people I mentioned being into or wanting to try. 


This week, Sunday 31st-Sunday 7th, I’ll be at the Cecchetti USA dance intensive in Santa Barbara. Therefore, I won’t be very active. To my friends who i usually message, i apologize. I’ll do my best to be on as often as possible, but it might not be as much as i would really like.

Then two weeks after that, starting the 16th, I’ll be going to school again. It’ll be my freshman year in high school as well as my first year in my studio’s company (hopefully) so I’ll be pretty busy then as well. I’ll try to build a queue so I don’t seem too inactive.

Sorry in advance, and have a good day!!

anonymous asked:

I was wondering, what would you say is the average time it takes for you to reply to an ask? I sent one in a little bit ago and I haven't seen an answer which is 100% ok, and you can ignore it if you want, but I really like your blog and I have a feeling I might be asking more questions in the future so I was just curious what you think the average time frame probably is! ☺️ Hope you're having a wonderful day

Our inbox is currently 120 messages strong, and we get 7-15 messages a day on average. I usually type up five replies every day, and they get queued. Rose often prefers to answer many asks in one go, on a weekly basis.

Our queue sits at around 20-30 posts, and we set the timer to 9 posts from morning to evening. So there’s a sizable wait for one person’s ask to be published, if it ever does.

We try our best to accommodate everyone who wants help. We understand how scary, or how difficult, or lonely, or angry our readers might feel, and if we can give people some hope or peace, we will. But because of our high traffic, things can’t be instant and they can’t be now.

- Fae

Away for a few days so won’t be posting as much as usual - the queue will be ticking along nicely however and have at the archives too tumblr friends, they are brimming with…let’s go with ‘posts’, I have definitely posted things.

Also, here is a summer selfie, in which I do not smile but do at least glower less than usual:

I’ll have my phone on me so will do my utmost to reply to messages if and as they arrive.

Speak soon and stay groovy!