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hey guys idk whether this will have an impact on you but from Monday to the next Monday after, the 6th I think, i’m going somewhere where there’s no internet connection, so i won’t be on tumblr for a week unfortunately for me:( (i have no idea how i’ll survive this) i’ll set up a fab queue and stuff and some pictures as usual so i won’t be completely inactive but don’t be confused if i’m not answering my messages or tags!

also @mutuals who have my number/snapchat i won’t be able to reply to them either unfortunately, which makes me so sad! 

anyway just thought i’d let you all know:)

Okay you guys. Looks like the special edition of #Happy Night in Canada is going to happen on April 1st in an effort to drown out the screamers and the misinformation (this is common in my sector).


1. What time should it start?

2. How often should the queue post? I think people will kill me if it lets out every 5 minutes like usual.

Also, please feel free to submit stuff! Links will be posted from the source, but pics will be posted as submissions (just please don’t steal stuff c’mon).


Firefly gif posters → “Bushwhacked”


Final farewell to the Eleventh Doctor’s Era: Countdown of My 25 Favorite Episodes and Minisodes. Number 25 - Pond Life [x]

The minisodes of the Eleventh Doctor’s era add so much to it and Pond Life is no exception. From the playfulness at the breakfast table to Rory’s Roman soldier lunchbox (which, not only did he or Amy purchase, but he actually chooses take to work with him), it’s the perfect depiction of two kids who grew up together and fell in love. Even with an Ood in their house, their relationship is at the center of the story and the fantasy takes the back burner.  While the Doctor is off on another adventure, Amy and Rory are at home dealing with a reality that bounces between adorable and heart breaking. This mini series perfectly sets up the struggle of living two lives that will play out in the approaching series. 

I’ve been aggressively trying to convince myself all night/morning/afternoon to just force things to go back to how they were on my blog— to joke around and goof off like i always did. But the fact that I feel so devastated and lost right now just proves that I relied too heavily on using this show/fandom as an escape? Because now that it’s gone and I don’t have a fallback or a security net, I’m just free-falling. And it’s terrifying.

But this might be a good thing for me. As much as I’ve loved participating in this fandom, I really need to try to distance myself from it and this website in general (especially with all the negativity lately). I need to focus on the life I’ve practically been putting on hold to obsess over this cartoon since early 2012.

I’m not leaving (i won’t abandon PVB and I’m too addicted to this shit to quit cold turkey)… but I probably won’t be as active on this blog for a while— at least until I get some personal things straightened out. I love you guys and I really really want to be here all the time, but I’ve done some thinking and I believe I need to do this. For myself.

Thank you all for a great experience. It’s been a wild couple of years and as much as a lot of the shit we did embarrasses me, I don’t regret it.


Círdan is One of the Most Important Figures in Arda's History

If there was an important battle – he showed up. If there were refugees – he took them in. If you needed a lift near the sea, and the Eagles were busy, Círdan was there. He didn’t lose sight of who the enemy was. If there was drama an in-fighting – he wasn’t there. If there was great power that someone else could use more effectively – he gave it freely.

Stand back, I have examples and quotes.




Fought long against Morgoth before the Noldor arrived

“Thingol was cut off from Círdan at Eglarest.”(The Silmarillion – Of the Sindar)

“And when Thingol came again to Menegroth he learned that the orc host in the west was victorious, and had driven Círdan to the rim of the sea.” (The Silmarillion – Of the Sindar)

Showed up to the Mereth Aderthad

“And there came also great numbers of the Grey-elves, wanderers of the woods of Beleriand and folk of the Havens, with Círdan their lord.” (The Silmarillion – Of the Return of the Noldor)

Kept up good relations with the Noldor

“Between Círdan and Finrod there was friendship and alliance, and with the aid of the Noldor the Havens of Brithombar and Eglarest were built anew…with the aid of the Elves of the Havens, some of the folk of Nargothrond built new ships…” (The Silmarillion – Of Beleriand and its Realms)

Also kept up good diplomatic and economic relations with Doriath

“These [pearls] Círdan gave to him, for they were got in great number in the shallow waters about the Isle of Balar.” (Unfinished Tales – Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin)

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Body language: John’s energy is focused towards Sherlock with the placement of his elbow and the cross of his leg, but Sherlock seems closed off with his legs spread and facing directly forward. He is trying something new with the chatting, and doesn’t feel relaxed about it. Both men have their hands threaded together. John’s tension goes into placing his thumbs together. When John says, “you know it won’t alter anything, right, me and Mary, getting married?" his thumbs are pressed together and Sherlock’s hands start to squirm and fidget. 


You’re my hero. I always feel so safe when I’m with you.

[FICRECS] Zayn/Liam

It’s me again with a lot to rec :P Also this goes to my lovely Candice amoreziam bc i promised i’d tag her so she could read some :) Sorry for the late bb x

As per usual, bolds → favorites

  • Come On by writingsofamadchild [1.9k | Explicit]
    based on this message sent to me: “avery, i need a fic now, where zayn is being a little shit and goading liam into kissing him, but liam’s not falling for it, so zayn kisses him and he means or it to be this short little peck, but liam just takes over and pushes back, gives zayn the kiss of his life!”

  • living love in slow motion by jmcats [39.5k | Explicit]
    He steadies a hand to the back of Zayn’s head and kisses him like all of the words in his mouth aren’t brilliant enough. He smears them over Zayn’s lips and hopes every single one of them reminds Zayn that Liam’s been in love with him since they were teenage hurricanes. Just before they were eighteen.
    (Or: they’ve been tucked into each other’s side since they were five years old… and Liam’s been a little in love with that and much more since then)

  • Inside the Pocket of Your Ripped Jeans by ellipsometry [34.2k |3 chapters| Mature]
    Fuck Niall, honestly. Fuck him for telling Zayn about this – he of all people should know that despite his leather-jacket-and-cigarette façade, underneath it all Zayn is just a hopeless romantic. And when dealing with hopeless romantics you can’t go serving mysterious, hunky, salt-water-washed strangers up on a silver platter. You just can’t.
    It’s a simple concept, really: Take a photo, then leave a photo. But, like most simple things, Zayn manages to make it much more complicated. So by the time Zayn meets Liam for the first time, he’s been carrying a picture of him around in his pocket for nearly five months.

  • if you’re a stranger to your soul by lissomely [37.1k | Explicit]
    Liam is the director of Wolverhampton’s department of parks and recreation, a job that was never easy to begin with but seems to get exponentially more difficult when the city faces a budget crisis. Enter independent consultants Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, the former of whom mostly wreaks havoc on Liam’s professional life, but the latter of whom seems intent on messing with Liam’s personal life in ways Liam would never have imagined possible.
    Also featuring Harry and Louis as the worst employees ever. Very, very loosely inspired by the sitcom Parks and Recreation.

  • you’re the cure, you’re the pain by whispersbrave [3.4k | Teen]
    The saying goes something like, if you love something let it go. If it comes back, it’s meant to be.
    Or, where Zayn and Liam kiss, get together and break up. Not necessarily in the order.

  • Spill by hollybennett123 [2.3k | Explicit]
    “I think,” Zayn murmurs against Liam’s kiss-swollen mouth, sliding a leg over Liam’s thighs where he’s sat on the sofa and straddling his lap, “You should tell me some more of your fantasies, babe. Like, something you always wanted to do with me but you never told me before.”
    “Um,” Liam says, swallowing thickly and blinking at him. “Like – now?”

  • That Thing We Like by hollybennett123 [3.8k | Explicit]
    Sometimes, though, it’s just like - making a mess is the best part?

  • This Time by Ziamismyotp [7.8k | NR]
    He holds his breath, swallowing with wide eyes when Zayn turns around, a paper cup of coffee in his hand (black, no sugars, no cream), his face coming into full view and Liam gets dizzy with memories. Flashes of hands moving up his chest, chapped but always soft lips running along the column of his throat, gasps and whispers. A beautiful laugh he use to do say the stupidest things just to hear echoing in his ears, squinted eyes and a wrinkled nose. Movies, cuddles, showers, dinners. The way he fit so well, so perfectly in the circle of Liam’s arms like they were molded for each other and only each other.
    He’s got a lovely smile on his face, his eyes focused on the screen of his phone and Liam wonders-no, fears who could be on the other end of that text. And he finds himself unable to move as Zayn makes his way towards the entrance, the door chiming when he steps through and outside. He turns the opposite way, completely unaware of Liam’s presence and he knows he shouldn’t, knows it will just end awkwardly and bad but he can’t stop himself, it comes blurting from his lips before he even knows what he’s doing, “Zayn!”

  • If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home by equallydestructive [28k |10 chapters| Mature]
    28 year old divorcee Liam Payne has made a living out in the wilderness along with his trustee golden retriever, Sasha. It is only when he makes a shocking discovery that his life takes a complete 180 degree turn.
    Or: Lumberjack!Liam finds Zayn buried underneath a foot of snow, nearly frozen to death. Fluff, among other things, follows soon after.

  • Wouldn’t Dream Of It by ziamxo [4.1k | General]
    “Hey,” Zayn begins. “Let me have your number, yeah?” He’s suddenly freezing because—really, Zayn? Really? “I mean.” He begins again, “We should have playdates again. I was—you know, number so that they can— the dogs—“
    "The dogs, yeah. Of course. Can’t dare separate them again, can we?" Liam responds with a grin and it’s within a beat that he takes out his phone.
    "Right, no. That’d be bad."
    "Absolutely horrid." Liam grins, pressing buttons onto the phone within his hands.
    "We’d be monsters."
    "Evil villains." Liam goes on, looking up at Zayn with raised eyebrows and cheeks pulled up.
    "I—yeah. That. Can’t have that, can we?" Zayn laughs, handing Liam’s phone back to him.
    "Nope, not at all."
    Or the AU where Liam and Zayn adopt twin puppies, but separately. And when they meet and realize their dogs are litter mates, they use it to their advantage. For their dogs. Not for them, no.


Notice: Hiatus

hey guys!! due to deadlines approaching for my last semester, and then summer exams coming up after that, i’m gonna be on a hiatus/semi-hiatus for the next few weeks/months. my ask box will still be open but please bear in mind i won’t be online apart from to top up my queue so i might not see it straight away.

and to the people who have me on skype - i’ll message most of you but i won’t be on there in all likelihood so if you notice my absence you know where i am (i’m also struggling a lot atm with talking to people so i’m really sorry i haven’t been around much before now either but hey… please feel free to send me an ask if you wanna talk tho!!)

if anything urgent comes up i’ll let you guys know, so please don’t worry about me!! i’ll be fine ;v; ♥ i will put up some update posts from time-to-time however to let you guys know how i’m doing.

that’s it, i wish any of you good luck with your own deadlines/exams and i’ll be off hiatus in a little while. see ya uwu / ♥

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This weekend it finally felt like spring. We had lovely bright sunny weather and you could truly feel the warmth of the sun. It was a great weekend to be out and about and to be taking photos of course. 

I haven’t been very active on here this past week and even today’s post is going out quite late. But I have now set up the queue for next week, so there will be one photo from me each day and all were taken this weekend.

I even missed out on my usual thank you post last Sunday so in this one I would like to really thank you all for being so supportive and and for taking time to like, comment on and re-blog my photos even when I am not around as much. I really appreciate it.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and wishing you a great week next week.

I am really looking forward to the week ahead. :0)