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Shit APH Austria does #85

Send cakes to America in sympathy of having to deal with Donald Trump.

737. All the Weasley-Delacour kids get tattoos or piercings at some point, resulting in three blonde, beautiful veela siblings all dressed in black leather and combat boots arriving to the Burrow every Christmas holiday, to a mostly terrified Grandma Molly.
773. When you walk into the Ravenclaw dorms you can expect literally anything, though most will claim it's just an organized chaos. Mostly it's very messy space with various drafts, musical instruments, books, paintings and schemes mixed on the floor together.

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LMAOOO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG i’ve been busy! but I’m more than willing to share so here’s some more for those of you who like reading these (as much as i love comin up w them ehehee): 

  • Kuroo and Bokuto took all semester to conjure up the equivalent of the Marauder’s map; kenma helped a lot, albeit reluctantly. When Akaashi found out (’bokuto-san how is it that we always seem to accidentally bump into each other this often’ ‘uuhhmmmm its pure coincidence akaashi!! t-totally not a magic thing NOPE ahahaa’) he was shocked but also secretly very, very impressed
  • Hinata and Kageyama once camped out in the Forbidden Forest overnight on a dare, one of the worst decisions either one has made; but looking back on it, it turned out okay cuz Hinata got to befriend an actual centaur
  • Oikawa is secretly the biggest Astronomy nerd; only iwaizumi knows and has been sworn not to tell a soul
  • Suga is naturally gifted at Charms and Herbology, but his real interest lies in Defense against the Dark arts, which fellow Slytherin Kuroo excels in
  • Bokuto’s mum sends him ugly knitted sweaters every christmas (he has no color sense, so he loves them); she starts making matching ones for Akaashi as well much to his dismay but he wears them anyway because he likes seeing the Bokutos happy 
  • Daichi and Kuroo were both fouled multiple times during their first play as captains for elbowing each other excessively
  • Oikawa once threw a screaming Mandrake at Durmstrang’s Ushiwaka in front of all the schools
  • Noya and Tanaka won a dragon’s egg from a stranger at Hog’s Head (they Polyjuiced-potioned themselves as Ukai and Takeda) and have been secretly raising it at the Keeper of the Keys Aone’s shack for a while before Daichi found out and made them send it to Romania

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I love year 8 fics, where they’re figuring out the people they’re going to be after the war, but still stuck in hogwarts making up for the disrupted (or skipped) year 7. 

And if those fics have hurt/comfort dealing with the aftermath of, well, of everything, then I am 10000% there for that.