queue spoilers

Rick Sanchez can canonically transfer his mind into any person or species. He could transfer his consciousness into a gem.

And since Rick and Morty exists in a multiverse, and both it and SU are owned by Time Warner, there’s a universe where the world and events of SU happened.

So hypothetically, Rick can transfer his mind into a gem, travel to the SU universe, and then fuse with Pearl.

And since the Rick and Morty multiverse is infinite, there’s a version of the universe where it already happened.

Prick is canon


Aw, jeez, sorry, I’m worse than Holly Blue!

Aren’t we all?

Here’s a few shots that feature Amethyst Facet 5 Cut 8XJ, aka the one with her gem on her left shoulder, that one curl in her hair, and awesome eyebrows, whose name Amethyst gets wrong but who helps her play it off as a joke.