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Everyone had a weapon, except for Max and Dustin. And so I was just sitting there like, “Ross, what am I gonna do if the Demogorgon is coming? Do you think I’m just gonna put up my fists? I probably should have something, right?” And he’s just like, “Sure, just pick something, whatever.” And all I could see was this candlestick - why do I always get the short end of the stick? — Finn Wolfhard [x]

Rick Sanchez can canonically transfer his mind into any person or species. He could transfer his consciousness into a gem.

And since Rick and Morty exists in a multiverse, and both it and SU are owned by Time Warner, there’s a universe where the world and events of SU happened.

So hypothetically, Rick can transfer his mind into a gem, travel to the SU universe, and then fuse with Pearl.

And since the Rick and Morty multiverse is infinite, there’s a version of the universe where it already happened.

Prick is canon