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The Evolution of the Concept of Keroro Platoon

They are showing of Mine Yoshizaki’s style, really were changing the designs with colors in some years, first the original manga later the two animes: original and Flash. Enjoy!

These designs from Mine Yoshizaki’s different styles made by me~

Note: for the full pictures, must credit by me, thanks!

Marriage is a public act; it is declaring your partnership and commitment to the government and the public. Abortion is the opposite of a public act. Abortion is, according to the Supreme Court, about privacy. It is about an individual woman’s right to privacy and personal bodily autonomy. As such, abortion then becomes an individualized issue, despite the fact that one in three women in America will have an abortion in her reproductive lifetime. It may be incredibly common, but abortion is relegated to the shadows. We don’t talk about abortion at the dinner table, but we do talk about our relationships and spouses.

Folio showing the sphere and symbol of the moon (recto) and phases of the moon (verso)

From an Aja'ib al-makhluqat (Wonders of Creation by al-Qazvini),  Iraq or Eastern Turkey, early 15th century

According to Al-Qazvini the sphere of the moon lies between the sphere of fire and the sphere of Mercury. It completes its orbit every 28 days moving from east to west in the sky.  Because the moon’s orbit is the smallest of all the heavenly spheres it moves the fastest and is thus known as “The Runner.” The moon’s movements affect the tides of large bodies of water and also have power over animals and men. The moon remains only two and a half days in each sign of the zodiac. 

(Freer-Sackler F1954.33)