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#ThankYouBones Week

Day 12: 1 Bones Cast, final THANK YOU

“In our culture, we all search for closure. But closure is an illusion. Science shows us that the universe is constantly in flux. It’s what allows our friendships and our love to constantly surprise us.” 

“Quantum physicists have postulated that the way we experience time is an illusion, that it doesn’t happen in a linear way. That past and present– in reality, there’s no difference.”

Those good times with Bones are happening now. They will always be happening. And we can keep them alive forever. It’s not goodbye. Bones will live on- through the fans, cast & crew, and 246 brilliant, beautiful, incredible, awe-inspiring episodes. Always


hey guys so Varsyl is gonna become my art-only blog!!

i reserved akhiranar originally for just aesthetic reasons but that’s where i’ll be reblogging aesthetics, posting ramblings and maybe status updates

i’ll also be updating my twitter a lot more often :D

after about a week all my non-art stuff will begin to be removed and this will just be a station where I put arts, character infos, commission sheets and story infos!!!

anonymous asked:

i cast speak with plants alot just for the fun of it, since i never really have to use any of my spell slots. pros: i get to hear lots of secrets and drama from the various plants i get to talk to, and i don't get as much social anxiety. cons: i can hear exactly what merle says to the plants when i'm passing by. its so terrible its ruining my social life please put me out of my misery i can't stand it anymore


The Hiroyuki Sawano Interview for Season 2 of Attack on Titan is out translated!

Sawano talks about the music for the second season, the approach he took with it and his personal thoughts on the series and how individual moments can be made more awesome/sad.

He also talks about the Beast Titan’s Theme, which is confirmed to be the music used in the first PV. The new vocal song which he made with mpi, Yosh and Gemie is also discussed.


Emoji Spell - Safe Travels

I don’t know about you guys, but the weather around here is absolutely crappy.

But I still want to bless everyone with safe travels. Regardless of weather.

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but can we talk about how he gave him his match worn jersey from his first PL goal!!!!

let me set it up for you. this was not some publicity visit arranged by the spurs PR team. this was not some carefully crafted moment set with a boom mic and proper lighting. this was a family desperate to make their sick son’s dreams come true reaching out to dele’s family. this was doubt that the busy footballer would actually take the time to stop in on his day off between travelling back to England after a taxing cl game and other obligations already arranged for that day.

this was dele looking in his wardrobe that morning and wondering what he could possibly bring to someone so young and so sick other than his own presence (as if that wouldn’t have made it everything anyway!), and seeing something he’s cherished for over a year and probably would have for the rest of his life. something priceless to him. did he even hesitate?

2 days. 2 days between little Tony’s parents reaching Dele’s and Dele showing up next to his hospital bed and spending a few hours playing FIFA and leaving behind something of sentimental value to both of them, and not just the memories.