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The Prophet’s Intern: Priscilla “Priss” Burgess

Freshly graduated from Hogwarts, Priscilla became the Prophet’s Intern in order to sharpen her writing skills and to gain a broader insight into journalism. Unfortunately for Priss, she picked a time when the Prophet’s focus is on keeping up with the war’s tragedies and not properly managing their interns. 

Haling from a very old (but not pureblood) wizarding family, Priscilla values manners and propriety. Her organization skills are top-notch, and she loves filing. She wants to do investigative pieces when she starts her own career, although Evangeline’s reviews of her drafts have been rather scathing, which has slightly deterred her. Priscilla prefers to use her full name, but of course Mary has given her the nickname Priss, and now the entire office uses it. 

Priss is a pretty girl, but she’s too uptight for Mary’s likening; Mary has the notion that Priss should be out and about, partying and meeting boys at night instead of staying late to organize the Prophet’s archives. Mary values commitment to a job, but she wants Priss to realize that you can work hard and play hard, so she’s adopted Priss as her pet project.