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Arcade Meetings Part 2 (Kenny Omega X Reader)

Sorry I’m excited.

Kenny called you that night and the two of you stayed up ridiculously late talking and getting to know each other until Gaby got so annoyed she snatched your phone from your hands and hung up herself. So you spent more time texting each other until you fell asleep exhausted. You couldn’t deny he was a total charmer but he also made you laugh to the point of tears. And of course only a couple of hours later you’d been rudely awoken by Gaby screaming ‘Morning Asshole’ in your ear and jumping on you.

‘Oh my god go away’ you groaned playfully hitting her.

'If you’d actually gone to sleep at a reasonable time you wouldn’t be grumpy’ she said 'but lover boy has you all distracted.’ She said making you turn a very deep shade of beetroot. And as if on queue your phone rang and it was the man himself. You launched yourself at your phone but Gaby’d reached it before you could.

'This is Y/N’s phone.’ Gaby answered and you glared at her getting ready to launch yourself at her. 'Oh really? Tonight? We’d love too. Yes we’re a package deal. Have you got any single friends? Excellent! Ok goodbye lover boy’ Gaby said just as you launched yourself at her for you phone knocking her off of your bed. 'Lover boy has a show tonight. We’re going. Go get ready now’ she demanded pointing you in the direction of the bathroom door. You glared at her trying to hide the smile that was determined to worm its way onto your lips. You quickly showered and brushed your teeth leaving your hair to air dry and grabbed some random clothes from your suitcase and pulling them on. Luckily Kenny had already seen you in your normal clothes and you felt no need to try and make an effort. Turns out you’d picked a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, a blue plaid shirt and blue converse to match. You put on a little eye liner and some red lipstick whilst you waited for Gaby to finish getting ready. She’d gone for black shirts, a white tank top and black leather jacket and her vans with her whole make up done and she looked amazing. And after her shooing you out of the room and insisting she’d packed everything you needed in your bag which you’d check in the taxi you were stood outside hailing a cab. Again it’s lucky you could speak Japanese. After the driver pulled away you looked in your bag and nearly killed Gaby then and there. Your bag held your purse, room key, phone, lipstick and about 10 condoms. You could hear here laughing next to you and it took all restraint not to strangle her.

'I just want you to be safe’ she said a little high pitched.

'I’m not sleeping with him you fuck nugget’ you growled at her.

'Not yet’ she coughed and you glared at her. 'Oh come on the guys totally into you and he’s a absolute dream boat and probably has the body of a god.’

'Really Gaby?’ You asked sighing and rolling your eyes. She just smirked as the driver started telling you about the wrestling over here and a certain wrestler called Kenny Omega who was apparently the best in the world. Of course Gaby had no idea what was going on. But you relayed what he’d said and she laughed. And after you’d payed and left him a tip you’d climbed out and saw a few people waiting. You quickly texted Kenny telling him you were here and he replied almost instant telling you he was on his way.

'So is lover boy coming to get us?’ Gaby asked with a raised eyebrow teasing you.

'Leave me alone’ you grumbled and as you saw a familiar hooded figure coming towards you.

'Hey’ Kenny said hugging you much to your surprise as he smiled brightly taking your breathe away slightly.

'Hey not Kenny’ you smirked as you looked up at him making him laugh.

'When are you going to stop calling me that?’ He asked placing his hand on the small of your back as he lead you and Gaby towards the back of the building. You could hear Gaby snigger at his actions making you roll your eyes at her.

'When you tell me your real name, then I’ll stop calling you Not Kenny’ you responded sassily.

'You could search for it online you know’ Gaby said and you shook your head.

'Nope. Not Kenny can tell me himself’ you said and he smiled softly at you.

'Maybe I should just prolong that, then you’ll have a reason to talk to me’ he said and Gaby mimed throwing up.

'I’m so sorry about her’ you apologised making him chuckle.

'It’s alright’ he replied softly as you entered the building. He lead you through a series of corridors and finally into a room where a few other men were. One you shockingly recognised as Cody Rhodes from when you watched WWE with your brother when he still lived at home. He was actually a favourite of your brothers along with his brother Goldust. 'So what do you know about wrestling now?’ He asked curiously as the other men eyed you and Gaby warily.

'Nothing. Although the taxi driver was going on and on about this wrestler called Kenny Omega who’s apparently the best in the world’ you said and everybody else snorted at your comment whilst Kenny went bright red.

'When was the last time you watched wrestling?’ A man with long brown hair tied back asked. He was definitely handsome and Gaby thought so too eyeing him up.

'Like Money in the Bank 2013. Before that like 2011’ you said shrugging.

'I was in the main event of that’ Cody said and you nodded.

'I remember. My brother was rooting for you. He’s a huge fan’ you said and he nodded.

'Who were you rooting for?’ Kenny asked curiously.

'Wade Barrett’ you smirked.

'So do we get a brief summary or?’ Gaby asked and you nodded agreeing.

'We’re kind of a faction called The Bullet Club, we’re all heels but the fans love us. But we do what we want and Kenny’s our leader’ a guy with mutton chops told you and you nodded understanding.

'Sounds like fun’ she said and you chuckled agreeing with her.

'Oh and I’m Matt and this is Nick my brother’ he said pointing at his obvious brother. The two looked so alike it was kinda scary.

'I’m Gaby and this is Y/N’ Gaby said and you waved at the group of men.

'And you already know myself and Cody. But this is Adam, Yujiro, Fale and Adam’ Kenny said as he winked at you making you playfully roll your eyes at him.

'And we’ve heard plenty about you Y/N’ nick said and you blushed hard at that.

'Really?’ You asked Kenny and he went an even brighter red than you.

'Oh my god he’s blushing’ one of the Adam’s said.

'Bless him’ Cody said patting his shoulder

'Err. I should take you guys to your seats’ Kenny said and you and Gaby chuckled following him after waving goodbye to the guys where you found yourself with ringside seats. 'Will I see you after the show?’ He asked nervously rubbing the back of his head.

'We’ll see. Maybe if I’m impressed by the best in the world’ you said smirking at him with a playful glint in your eyes.

'Well he’ll, is best make this my best damn promo and match of my life’ he said walking away and you turned to see Gaby smirking at you.

'Damn you got lucky’ she said and you couldn’t help but nod and agree.

Fic Recs: Free-Range Flirting by endingthemes​:

Erik encounters a douchebag at the grocery store. An extremely attractive douchebag.

Comments: AWFULLY SWEET, CUTE READ, perfect for short bus rides, or for when you really need to study but you’re also really craving a cherik fic and so you need to hunt down one that won’t take too long to read. And blushing Charles and awkward Erik! What more can I say

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