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Fic Recs: Free-Range Flirting by endingthemes​:

Erik encounters a douchebag at the grocery store. An extremely attractive douchebag.

Comments: AWFULLY SWEET, CUTE READ, perfect for short bus rides, or for when you really need to study but you’re also really craving a cherik fic and so you need to hunt down one that won’t take too long to read. And blushing Charles and awkward Erik! What more can I say

Nudey version below cut

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Hollywood Studios - Last Tour to Endor by Cory Disbrow
Via Flickr:
I figured in honor of today’s special “Last Tour to Endor” event at the Studios, I would post what would be the last shot I ever took in the original Star Tours queue. It’s kind of bittersweet to think about that, and to know that an old friend will be leaving, but I’m really, really excited for version 2.0. I think the possibilities are really exciting. To get this shot, I stepped into the queue during EMH, set up my tripod, waited about 10 minutes for a people-less moment, and fired off 3 shots for this HDR. Thanks for lookin’, and have a great day! Oh, and somehow, my Explore ban must have gotten lifted yesterday, as my Illuminations shot was Explored. Kind of funny since I was only about 10 days from a fun post celebrating a year without being Explored, but oh well! www.WDWPhotography.com


The Prophet’s Intern: Priscilla “Priss” Burgess

Freshly graduated from Hogwarts, Priscilla became the Prophet’s Intern in order to sharpen her writing skills and to gain a broader insight into journalism. Unfortunately for Priss, she picked a time when the Prophet’s focus is on keeping up with the war’s tragedies and not properly managing their interns. 

Haling from a very old (but not pureblood) wizarding family, Priscilla values manners and propriety. Her organization skills are top-notch, and she loves filing. She wants to do investigative pieces when she starts her own career, although Evangeline’s reviews of her drafts have been rather scathing, which has slightly deterred her. Priscilla prefers to use her full name, but of course Mary has given her the nickname Priss, and now the entire office uses it. 

Priss is a pretty girl, but she’s too uptight for Mary’s likening; Mary has the notion that Priss should be out and about, partying and meeting boys at night instead of staying late to organize the Prophet’s archives. Mary values commitment to a job, but she wants Priss to realize that you can work hard and play hard, so she’s adopted Priss as her pet project. 


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    Just felt like sharing what else this week had for me other than the report due Monday which we’re still working on.

    1. TERRARIA \o/ why aren’t I surprised that I spent hours on this game and panicked afterwards cause I had to rush my assignments. Also yes, I’m playing my Terraria OC as my avatar (and vice versa). And yes, she poured lava over her father to get that Peddler’s Hat.

    2. My Centurion Mk.5 tank! Geeze, in addition to the image caption I’m actually impressed by its level of detail and structural integrity for its 1:72 scale. That, or the Panzer IV of same scale that I bought from Italeri is horrible at holding its own weight.

    3. Otogi Secret Spirit Agents! It’s a mobile game from the same producers of Ayakashi Ghost Guild. Signal boosting for the game itself/ players of AGG because it’s been pretty entertaining. Or maybe cause I rode the event wave for Luminous Pearl but goddamn Poison S. Brew is the miracle of the game’s story mode (for me, till Chpt 7+ so far). Best wing(wo)man.

    4. So I found out who sent those art theft asks and resolved it separately and admittedly it got both Hitsugi and I really bummed out that I couldn’t even scrape as much as a muse for replies in the earlier part of the week. Seeing Hitsugi’s bday around the corner next ween and not wanting to wish her well on a bad note I decided to take a couple days off to nurse ourselves. Well I’m back now, a bit, and juggling that project report too lmao